Matron of Honor Duties - Let The Festivities Begin

This is the big weekend for my BFF Val. Tonight is the rehersal, rehersal dinner and Bachelor/Bachelorett Get-Together. I'm ready for action! Above is my bride crisis management bag with everything an Attendant to the Bride would need in case of crisis. I have tissue, gum, mints, neck pillow (we have to drive tomorrow to get hair done) and soothing eye cover, travel toothbrush & toothpaste, the brides favorite snack & beverages, nail file, camera & more. READY FOR ACTION.

This morning we put together gift bags for the people staying at the hotel (St. Regis) and I went to get my hair done. Minor setback when I arrived at the St. Regis...the hotel reservation is in hubby's name. Ron is arriving later. They were not going to let me check in cause my name was not on the reservation. I almost snapped right there but regained my composure and got Ron on the phone. I don't know what he told the woman but she got off the phone, looked up at me and said "Welcome to the St. Regis." Uh Huh. Don't make me go postal up in here.

Gotta get dressed for the rehersal. Later!