Another Dependant

I've decided that in order to have peace of mind and to not feel guilty anymore for the life my sister chooses to live, that I would from now on consider her a dependent....another child that I need to take care of...another mouth that I need to feed. At 42 years of age, she shows no forward movement towards independance, towards self-sufficiency, towards adult-hood.

Another holdiay has come and gone with family drama - my sister at the forefront AGAIN - and I've had enough. This time, she calls to say that she needs to come over to take a shower and that she need enough money to cover her "room" for two days until her "check" comes. The reason she needs to shower is that she has been sleeping in a park for two days cause she didn't have anywhere to stay. SOB SOB. BOO HOO. Or so you would think. She shows up at the house with all of her "stuff" in the back of some guys pickup. I thought she was sleeping in a park for two days? Hmmmm. She is awful clean for someone who's been sleeping outside for two days? Uh Huh. I'm so sick of this ish.

Fine. After extorting a c-note from our mother, our mother and I decided that we just need to come up with a way to be done with the weekly extortion. I decided to put my sister on a monthly allowance and that's that. I ordered her a Visa Buxx Card (just like the one I got for my son) , put an initial amount on it and set up a monthly allowance. I'm done. Don't ask me for another freakin' dime. Learn to manage that money with your "check" or suck it up and live in the park. We've had it here at the Steptoe Ranchero.

How much are we supposed to do for you to get you on your feet before we cry uncle...
  • 3 Cars bought - 3 Cars totaled
  • Full Scholarship to Coppin - Full Scholarship flushed down toilet
  • Government Job Aquired - Fired from Government Job
  • Thousands in rent, utilities, clothes, furniture & more - can't find it now.

And that is not to mention the fact that she stole her sisters (ME) idenity and then had the police issue a warrent for MY arrest for YOUR crimes.

I'm crying uncle, my arm is twisted and you have your monthly allowance. Now leave me and my family (yeah - they are MY children now) alone.

Have a Blessed Life


  1. Anonymous4:05 AM

    I often wonder if there is a reason why HE placed one in each family. Was it to teach me some kind of life lesson? I've learned that "The Element" likes to show up on and around holidays/weekends because they know decents folks will literally pay them to leave so that the celebration can be salvaged.
    I too had to scream uncle and mercy. I had become the co-dependent sister, the loan underwriter, the heartless whinch, and an involuntary actress in the bizarre stageplay called "Family Drama". Now, I just make sure "The Element's" life policy is paid up.
    Kudos to you for saying ENOUGH!

  2. You are a gem.

    Sometimes you can know that you are being taken advantage of, used, conned etc.. and you still have to do what you think is right for your own peace of mind.

    You can only hope your sister gets her life together before it is too late.

  3. Wow. You are extraordinarily generous. I really don't know if I could do what you're doing. Do you really think this will stop her from requesting more money? I would think she would use up the card and ask for more given her record. I know it's hard shutting the door on family, but geesh-louieesh...

  4. I am glad that you have discovered some sort of reconcilation for the feelings you have to go through with sis. I sure hope that works. Ideally, I pray that she realizes the blessings that she has being a part of your family and cleans up her act. But I hope that she at the very least doesnt ask you for any additional funds.