The Usual Suspects - Sex & The City Opening Night

The Usual Suspects went out last night for an evening on the town to see the Sex & The City Movie. We started with drinks and tapas and Monnie made us guzzle down our Sangria-coolaid so we didn't have to fight nobody for seats. We marched up the hill to the theater in our SATC-like shoes (at least most of us), jockeyed with other women to get our pre-ordered tickets, ordered up our milkduds, raisenettes, popcorn and other assorted "NON-high fructose corn syrup" items and waited in line. "Instratin" was the comment of the line waiting moment...WHY, if you are a fan of SATC do you show up at the premier wearing your momma's house dress? I even saw a few scrunchies - and you KNOW that no self respecting woman would be caught dead in public with a srunchie in her hair (they are only for when washing your face - remember the Burger Book episode)

The line surges forward and we snag some seats. I will have you know that we were not the only group of women who were taking pictures in the theater. Monnie collected comments from the ju-ju-bee gallery for her blog which I am reprinting (stole) here:

I'm with the Usual Suspects and I've already laughed so hard I'm crying! I MISSED THEM SOOOOOO MUCH! CreoleInDC

Just because you cup your hand around your mouth doesn't mean you're whispering - we can still hear you! - Sissy

I didn't realize there are still movie theatres that haven't transferred to stadium seating. -Honest

Aight, quiet down people. I'm ready to get Carrie-d away Crystal

There is even a whole row of cute men. Now, where is my flask filled with cosmos. - TravelDiva

I want some high fructose corn syrup and a cosmo Onefromphilly

I am not drunk enough and these previews are getting on my damn nerves!! Shawn

I can not believe this girl in front of me. Her hair looks like a bird's nest. Tsiporah

I m tryin to watch da movie. Gee

There r a few men n here...I wonder if they r as fab as us. Hostess

The movie was fabulous. Instead of rewriting The Usual Suspects Review - check it out here (or don't if you don't want it spoiled for you). All I'm going to say is that some people need to stick to singing or get some more acting lessons, there were great moments of love & romance, there moments of complete idiocy & moments where (if it was up to me) people would have been laying dead in the street. Good times.

After the movie, a few of us went over the Ruth's for drinks and appetizers. I think that there ought to be a law against laughing so hard that you need a kidney transplant. Between stories of Warren The Crack Head, service by Muhammed The Dead Waiter (Monnie killed him with her tazer for spillin 2 bowls of chips down her back - and then telling us that he couldn't get more - WTH), and entertainment by The Flyer Totin' Lounge Singer - I thought I was gonna die. Two SideCars & some crabcakes later, we parted ways until the next adventure of The Usual Suspects.

Great to see all you ladies.

P.S. When I got home, I let Ron play with my box of Crayola's and color out of the lines.


  1. You broads are a blast, I can't wait for our next adventure. Oh and - we get it, we get it, you like to "color"! LOL

  2. Anonymous10:52 AM

    I had a great time as ususal with you ladies. You all Rock!!


  3. I was JUST about to call you since I didn't get a text from you saying you made it home safe and sound! Something told me to check here first. LOL!

    Now I'm bout to call and harryazz Sissy!