Old Fashioned and/or a Prude?

Ron and I hosted my neice's 16th Bday party at our house today (it is still going on...sigh) and there were a few things that just set me back on my heels and/or made me go freakin' off...

1. The daughter of my neices' fathers girlfriend (do you got that?) arrived with her newborn and 3 year old in tow. I didn't know her, so I go over to introduce myself. It was all pleasent like until she pointed out "her baby's daddy" (quote, unquote). Ahhh, I say. Are you together? No, he's just my baby's daddy. mmmmmkay. Imma get this trash off the ground right here.

2. Another girl shows up with her infant (bout 18 years old). **Sigh**

3. A white boy comes dressed like he's a member of the some street gang. I asked him was he confused. He told me no, that the clothes he had on were really comfortable. (despite the fact that his pants were hanging down round his ankles)

4. Some of the kids just threw their trash in the yard (despite the fact that I had 4 trash cans dispersed amongst the festivities). I snapped and made a few of them grab a trash bag and start police-ing the yard for every scrap as I mumbled under my breath "have these kids lost thier ever lasting minds."

5. I had to ask a few of the girls if they brough sweaters or something to go over the skimpy azz outfits they were wearing. I was concerned that a few would put someone's eyes out if we had a wardrobe malfunction.

I am exhausted. I'm aggravated. There is more, but I'm so tired right now from policing young folk that I can't give you any more detail. Pictures later. Ugaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. It breaks your heart, doesn't it? These young people trying to prove...what? Babies themselves and having babies...unable to think for themselves...so self-centered they can't even behave graciously when they are a guest in your home.

    It scares me to death wondering what the world will be like when they "take over".

    You all are angels for doing that for her, you know.

  2. Yikes, Diva, sounds like a bad day :(, I hope the next event goes better :).

  3. *sigh* Next time I'm coming be the bouncer at the door for you. TRUST...we'll knock some heads together.

  4. Anonymous7:09 PM

    You are not a prude.

    #s 1, 2, 5: I do not know what is wrong with young girls these days. Having all these babies for random people, having all these babies while they are still babies themselves, dressing as if they are escapees from a teen porn movie set. It gives me a headache and people have the nerve to tell me I need to "get with the times"

  5. 1) I just started reading your blog it's great :)
    2) you're not old fashion and/or a prude. it's just good sense.