Charlee's Sweet 16 Birthday

Despite the fact that there was some ghetto fabulous happening at my neice's party, my mother and I managed to keep it under control, despite the fact what some of the kids did, said, wore etc. had me clutchin' my pearls.

Charlee and her friends managed to have a good time and I survived another teenager party. I'm definitly too old.


  1. Anonymous7:11 PM

    Beautiful party! To be sixteen again...

  2. There's a photo while they're eating cake...a girl in a green shirt is sitting on a boys lap. I don't know what he did or said at that moment, but the look on her face! LOL

    Glad you all lived to tell the tale!

    Are you going to keep the moonbounce house? It would be a great place to keep the short one when she's not behaving! Just a thought! LOL