Keith Olbermann Rant on Bilary Assasination Comment

Well, I'm done. If I didn't think the woman was a self serving, power hungry, lying through her teeth political nightmare, then I certainly do now. The woman is unapologetically rude, insenstive and (the way she throws her comments around) a racist. My pantyhose get all in a bunch just thinking that this crazy woman could even remotely become President. Bilary's latest comments about assasination and her bullshyt, flippant apology is the last straw.

I could rant on it some more, but after listening to Kei.th Ol.ber.mann's Rant on the Countdown - that just sums it up for me. 'Nuf Said. If you haven't heard his rant, take a listen. It's long but damn good and on point. The last 4 minutes of his commentary is what clinched it for me. Apology NOT accepted. We are DONE forgiving you for your bulldookey and boldface lying. Get out and shut the F up before you totally destroy what little political clout you have left for good. From my mouth to God' ear.


  1. Hoo Ah! Monica Lewinski's ex-boyfriend's wife still doesn't get it, does she?

  2. I can't view this vido at work but I will when I get a chance but O do have my own opinions about what this crazy woman is saying.

    Come on now, She has totally lost all credability with me.