Believe - The Movie: Available on DVD

I written twice about Believe - A Hilarious Movie about Network Marketing - when only the trailers for the movie were available....



Well, the actual movie is out on DVD and Ron and I got our copy in on Friday. We watched the movie yesterday afternoon and it was absolutely HILARIOUS...just like they said it was going to be. I had goosebumps from how eerily similar it was to our days in Am.wa.y/Qui.xta.r. Ron and I sat there roaring at how the actors said the same things, how the meetings were the same and how we could put a name (someone for our organization) to every single person portrayed in that movie. Hilariously uncanny. I told Ron that I went through a little of what each and every wife in that movie experienced - except I'm a little disappointed that I didn't end up writing my own MLM - Wives Survival Tips Book like one of the wives did in the movie. That would have been classic.

If you get a chance, go check out the website at www.believethemovie.com and watch the trailers. An absolute scream!...and guess what? My Funny MLM story is still up on the website. The only reason it is so dang hilarious is cause there is a huge amount of truth behind this mocumentary. You have to see it to BELIEVE.