Nintendo's Girlfriend's Gaming Guide Party

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While there can be a lot of drama going on here on these innernets, there are a lot of great things that happen too.

A blog and twitter friend, LivitLuvit, invited me to a Girls Guide to Gaming Party hosted by Nintendo. I had wanted to tryout the new Nintendo DSi and play those Brain Teaser games (gotta keep the mind sharp, ya know) and this was just my opportunity...I might even get some free stuff.

The GGG was held at a gallery/loft kind of a place that was very spacious and open. It was set up with four stations (couch areas) that were decorated with the theme of the game we were supposed to test out. While we were playing the games, we were served YUMMY hors d'ouvres, wine, champagne and other assorted beverages.

We picked a station and then played the game for a while giving glib and/or insightful commentary that was taken down by these cute "Nintendo" Ladies all dressed in black. They were just so nice and KEEEUUUTE and made sure that everyone was having a great time. After you finished a station, you received a cold coin...kinda like the ones you had to get when playing SuperMario or DonkyKong. When you got all four coins then you went to the "red chair" area where you learned about the WiFi, PictoChat, Picture capabilities and online shopping features on the new DSi.

You then turned in your 4 coins and WHALA! They gave you a brand new DSi system with 1000 coins on it..I downloaded two games. Why was I the only one squealing like I just got let loose at a St. John 75% off clearance sale. Yep, I acted da fool.

But that's not all...after the group photo the Nintendo Ladies came out with gift bags with a game - BrainAge & a bracelet...the VERY game I wanted so bad - WHY - cause my damn BrainAge is 64 - DA HELL. I gotta get in some work.

I don't know how LivitLuvit pulled this off, but it was a big hit. I was the oldest woman in the room and told the Nintendo Gaming Ladies that they needed to come back to DC and let me pull together a whole new demographic for them to test the machine and games on...35/40 and up. I bet you the crew I pull together would give them some good marketing material.

Bottom line, I think Nintendo has it going on with the Wii and this new DSi. Keep up the good work with making gaming fun for not only the guys but the ladies too!

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