Randoms from Princess Cara's 6th Bday Party

20 6year old kids, Chuck E Cheese and a birthday - wear is my flask.

"Are we out of district?" - The location was off Rt 40 in Baltimore. We didn't have a problem identifying any of our guests and helping directing them to our tables & booths. Imma let you figure out why.

Yet The FireMarshall quipped all dead pan..."We are having a 'We Are The World' party". I hollered.

Why was there a moment when I thought I needed to have security for Princess Cara's gifts. They took up an entire booth. THANK YOU! There was some longing eyes.

"You invited the entire Kindergarten class?" *Knitting brow, thinking who was I gonna leave out* Yes. "Wow, must be nice."

I hate people sometime.

YES! I did arrange to have snacks & sodas for the parents. Why? Cause most parents stay with their kids. I just think it is polite. It wasn't Filet Mignon & champagne. Stop walking around all shocked with a wing in your mouth. Seriously.

Princesses Erin & Charlee were the BESTEST sisters in the world. They ensured Cara had a good time, supervised all the kids and allowed me to just take pictures. Job well done!

Princess Cara was just SOOOOOO happy today. Wait till I make her sign all these thank you notes. Good home training is painful sometimes.

Master Gabrielle came over for a "playdate" after the party. I haven't heard hide nor hare from the two. I think we need to have more playdates.

Happy 6th Birthday, Princess Cara. We love you!