Meeting Carnage Randoms

I don't care how skinny you are, how flat or globular your butt is - it is tacky & ghetto to have "Juicy" or any other words splashed across your azz. Fo you guys who think it "depends" then you do you. I will give you the side eye and judge you accordingly.

Is it the economy that has driven some people in MLM's (Network Marketing) over the edge of madness so that they behave as if they are the part of the Jim Jones MLM Crackhead Cult. How many people do you think you can recruit to your business with some of that mind numbing BS such as:
- "If you are not in _______________you either don't know how to make money or don't want to." DA HELL?
- "If you don't build your own business then you must not want to be a leader." Mkay
- "Quit your boss in 3-6 months by selling ____________to all of your friends & neighbors."
-"Retire to the beaches of the world part time with just 3-5 hours a week of extra work." SURE.
And then when these people don't get the standard sheep sound from you or match their level of excitement and passion, they resort to name calling, yelling and character assignations...AND do it in a public forum. Do you really thing that is the way to recruit more Kool-aid drinkers? Stop the madness, crack kills, find rehab. FAST.

Your "company" teaches people how to become entrepreneurs and does professional coaching. Really? Instead of practicing your profession and "coaching" me if you thought I was wrong about something, you cursed my name and said some pretty nasty things. I bet your company is doing fabulous. Have you quit your boss yet?


Why da hell did we waste almost 2 hours discussing a disease process that we don't have an indication for? Seriously. With all these new people here too? Way to cloud the issue, confuse people and guide them down the path of marketing/medical conflict hell. Good Job.

It must be hard to be a trainer with reps whose average tenure in the business at 15 years+...especially when he has to be right and have the last word. Way to shut down participation.

Whew! thank God that my manager took over for the rest of the day. I was about to go postal.

Hates when the meeting facilitator (trainer) set the ground rules at the beginning of the meeting (no cells, no computer use, etc etc) and then violates his own damn rules when another trainer is speaking. That typing on your laptop while we are trying to conduct business is irritating and rude. Ever heard of lead by example. Guess not.

*Looks up at clock - 5min to 2pm* Jesus be my driver to the airport. I need to get out of here.

The airport - the masses of humanity traveling to and fro. Just when I think I have seen it all, a woman with a toothpick trying to have seconds on that meal from between her teeth just sent me right to the edge of wanting to burn my retina's to remove that image from them. Sigh.

I'm so glad to be back home.

Unpacking to repack.

Off to the Alma Mater for the weekend.