I sit here dabbing a hot compress to my eyes, dousing my eyeballs in battery acid Visine & sipping on a glass of a loverly red wine to dull the aches from a workout tonight with our own Becca - who has decided to complete a Triathlon (TriBecca: My Journey to the first Triathlon)for the first time in her life...

...A woman who a month ago didn't know how to swim, hadn't been on a bike in about 20 years and running...well, we gotta work on that.

We met at my gym and started with a 30 min run on the treadmill. Mind ya, I'm NOT anything close to being a trainer - I just know what works for me on this run thing...and here was Becca, asking questions, trying to implement a technique, giving anything a try. We did intervals and then went to dress for the pool. We spent a little over an hour just working on the skills she has been learning in her swim classes. I'm wading around with my mouth hanging open at this chick who don't know how to swim 'splaining to me what she needs to work on. AMAZING.

She is worried about this swim thing, but I firmly believe that she is gonna get this thing. The whole float on her back thingy...it's a control issue. We will get past that. Imma get her to relax and let go and she will have that down. After she made me swim a gazillion laps with her - SHEZ GOT DIS! A woman, who a month ago COULD NOT SWIM, is doing the freestyle. By the time she realized that I was exhausted, she as able to breath without swallowing a gallon of water.


Becca's enthusiasm, her pure-ness (is that even a word), her willingness to learn... AND HER ABILITY TO RECRUIT...is beyond inspiring. How did this chick get me to commit to 1x per week in the pool with her AND to running all these extra training races with her? WHAT DID I JUST SIGN UP FOR, HUH?


I will have goggles & a swim cap by next week. I will be getting me run game tight. I will be there for my friend who has inspired me AND reminded me that you are never too old & there is no such thing as can't. We are not just talking about it...We are BEING about it. GO BECCA!

P.S. ...and I'm watching you too, Pattey. YOU GO GIRL! Meow!