Snowpocalyspe Randoms

It amuses me to find out who people stay "friends" with/follow after you have personally been kicked to to the curb. Looks to me people are just plain messy; can't handle real talk; are easily intimidated; passive aggressive; like to surround themselves with kiss azzes or all of the above. Messy likes messy. People are funny.

That you wish to be removed from the diversity distro list because the focus of the messages "appears" to be too much on African American graduates.....Bwaaahaaahaaaahaaahaa. Boy Bye. If your azz would participate instead of complaining and whining about what you don't see...Whew! might be a different story. Stop talking 'bout it and BE 'bout it.

No you can not have open access. Let me send you the sponsorship packet. Put up or go away.

Elliott Stabler leaving CSI. *TEARS*

Loved this from @CrimsonPurl: "I love thinking about running. I love getting ready to run. I love finishing my run. I hate running." Some days, those are my exact sentiments.

You have the most beautiful eyes in the world. Always have. Forgive me for staring.

I also find it amazing (and sad) that there are a few black service academy grads that find the idea of a reunion offensive. Oh, you are one of those grades. HUMPH. Whatever. Don't come then...but don't EVER call not one of us for nuttin, hear.

If you are not calling me for money then why are you asking me for $50 on your Vi.s.a Bu.x.x card in exchange for the $50 Food Kitty card you got for Christmas. Huh?

I'm going to go up in the gym and run intervals on the treadmill. The snow is not going to be an excuse to not exercise.

It is finally looking like we are going to really get those 30" after all - if it keeps falling at this pace.

We are still having our Super Bowl party. The food & fun will be here...if you can get here.

I'm trying NOT to make the rum punch now so that there is some left for the party. Good thing I have some Makers Mark. All mine.

I have an awesome opportunity that has presented itself. I have to run a small gauntlet but it will be worth it. Say a prayer for me.

I ain't feeding all these teenagers who decided that it was cool to crash at True Blessings for the blizzard. Sometimes I wish I was not the Kool-Aid mom house. However, one kid did bring his own backpack full of snacks. High Five. I like him.

Princess Cara has a cold. I haven't seen this much snot in decades. I gave her her own box of tissues and a little personal hand sanitizer. She thinks she is so cool. I find it funny what kind of stuff she thinks is the HotNESS.

I rarely understand any of Prince Jordan's FB posts. I have decided to stop trying.

The new FB changes just showed up on my page. *Shrug*

What's the weather look like where you live? Are you in the midst of the snowpocalypse or enjoying fairer weather?