All This in Two Days

I was on my way to a f.o.cu.s gr.ou.p event where I got paid a c-note to give my opinion on stuff last night when I got hit by a H.on.da from behind. It sounded probably worse than it was, but I pulled off 2.95 and jumped out the car. WHY ME! This poor soul of Hispanic decent, runs up to me with TOOLS in his hand, proceeds to pop my bumper back in place (it had only popped off the thingys that hold it on) and then clean the marks off. *BLINK* Then, in Spanish, he proceeds to beg me...while opening his wallet...to not call police or the insurance company. Well, after he "fixed" my car - I had no damage. His car, on the other hand was a little jacked. I tried to tell him that he might need insurance coverage more than me. He insisted (in broken English) that he would be okay and wanted to know how much (pulling bills out his wallet) to not call police/insurance.

I just didn't have the heart to take his money. I was good. The truck was good. I told him all was okay and proceeded to walk off (You know I took pics with my phone...just in case). This guy grabs my hand, shakes it, hugs me - "gracias, gracias" and runs back to his car. Go Figure.

The FireMarshall couldn't even tell I had been hit.

Why was I gonna tag the chick sitting next to me at the f.o.cus gr.oup? Byatch...contradict me ONE MO DAMN TIME. HUMPH.

Medical Update: I'm on my meds. I had my girl exam...the fibroid(s) may be back - was scheduled for a sonogram. I'm asymptomatic so WHATEVER. You can have the damn vessel. I'm done with it. Eye exam...SIGH. I need glasses.

I am fighting this aging thing kicking and screaming. FUGG YOU, Father Time. I refuse to go quietly.

I ran with TriBecca today. When she gets this breathing thing down, she's got 3 miles. I hope I didn't push her too hard. I really didn't want her to stop and we did run about 90% of the 2.25miles. She had the audacity to drop off the INSANITY Fit Test "to see how I would do" and then ask me how in the world her friend convinced her to do that workout. Ummmm....the SAME way you convinced me to do even an indoor Tri, the same way I still have the sign up for the DC Tri in my inbox, the SAME COTTON PICKIN way she go me doing swim & spins or runs with her. HUMPH.

I love me some Becca. She motivates me and I'm in pretty good shape. P.S. Thanks for the lookout, concern & advice on the medical stuff. Keep me honest. Keep me focused.

I leave to visit Ms.Pattey on Friday. Lawd Hab Murcey. She gonna give me dat watch.

I sit here with a cocktail, exhaling. It's all good.