Fitness, Fiber & Margarita's

I arrived in Louisville safe and sound and after the plumber left (yeah, Ms.Pattey had a pipe near the water heater burst - just minor drama) we were off to do some shopping and then get back to get some "fitness" in.

I managed to scoop up two outfits for $50 (MsPattey knows all the good spots) and then we went over to the track. I decided to try a new 10K training plan where one of the workouts required me to run 6 x1k (2.5 laps at 10sec/mile faster than my 10k goal pace). I hadn't even thought about what my goal pace was gonna be. Since I haven't been running at anything faster than 12min/mile then that is what I set it to be. I sat there and told MsPattey that I don't think I would ever be able to run a 10 min pace. Surprise, Surprise

I set out to do the workout (we lost daylight before I could complete all 6 cycles - I managed to finished 3 cycles) and completed a total of 2.77 miles at a 10:15 min/mile pace. GET DA HECK OUTTA HERE. I can do it. I CAN run at a faster pace.

I plan on finishing out this 10K training schedule and getting my pace up. I am just so excited. (watch out BK...Imma take that hill at mile 4 of the Clyde 10k with gusto)We got back to the house and....well....all the fiber that MsPattey had put in me (apple, bran muffin, nobake oatmeal cookie and more) over the day had...ummm...caught up with me. Whew lawd.

I told you there is nothing cute after the workout. Nothin' but sweat and endorphins. MsPattey made us a Kashi Pizza that had like a gazillion grams of fiber in it (MORE FIBER), whipped out a blender & some strawberries and said "get to mixin".

We have been enjoying a strawberry margarita while watching movies.

A wonderful day.