Random Musings from The TravelDiva

I had a wonderful day last Thursday. My appointments for work went well. Then I met Sissy for lunch and I hadn't laughed that hard in a while. It is always great to hang with her. After lunch, I found a Starbucks across the street from TriBecca's gym and got 2 hours of work done. That evening I did spin & swim with TriBecca. When I got home, The FireMarshall had made me some dinner.

I slept like a baby.

I went shopping for a bathing suit to train in on Friday. The dressing room had a three way mirror inside. Got the bathing suit on and I immediately had a MELT DOWN. I that mirror (and probably reality) I looked like a whale trying to squeeze into a seal suit. MELT DOWN. It was so bad, I immediately called a lifeline (Ms. Pattey) but she wasn't in to talk me off the ledge. I had to practice some yoga breathing and work on my self-talk so I wouldn't commit Hara-Kiri right there in the dressing room.

I've got work to do.

I had a physical on Saturday. SIGH. Preliminary results say that I am short, fat & hypertensive. "Do you have a headache" is NOT what you want to hear as they take your BP 4 times to confirm. I don't even want to really know the rest of the details from my blood work - I already know that I am a walking ball of death. Do I need a spreadsheet of data to confirm that my head might pop off at any moment. To top it off, I'm peri-menopausal. KILL ME NOW. Please, thank you. My doctor (she is actually a PA) is VERY detailed oriented and gives you a to-do list. I am scheduled for an Echo, Mammogram, Pap & Ultrasound (checking on those fibroids), Thyroid scan (nodule?), Eye exam. She insisted that I keep a food diary, fill these scrips and make an appointment to see her in six weeks.

After a short pity party, I regrouped. All is not lost. I know what I got to do. Exhaling.

Since my iPhone is an extension of my hand and is with me at all times, I wanted to be able to keep & update my food diary on the go (since I'm always on the go). After a little research, I joined Wei.ght.Wa.tch.ers Online which has a very comprehensive online food & activity tracker. I was motivated.

After one day of tracking my food and activity, I realized that I have essentially been eating WAAAAAAYYYYY too much. When you HAVE to log/write down everything that you put in your mouth either as you are doing it or before (I try not to do it after the fact, 'cause some stuff might not get in there, ya know), you have a tendency to snatch your hand back...at least I do. I ain't about to write THAT down (looks around for a better option, or grabs a bottle of water).

The food diary is a good thing. I believe I will rebound. I have faith.

Prince Jordan is home for Spring Break. He is hella-funny.

The past two nights, my house has been the Kool-Aid Mama house as all of Prince Jordan's crew came by to hang out. The carnage thus far has been a devastated refrigerator, a broken mask left on in pieces on the floor and a stolen bottle of MY Makers Mark. The Prince managed to get it back (well, he got a new bottle from the perp), but had to tell him "Ya know, Man, you can't come over any more - I told you not to touch my Momma's ish. She don't play that."

You know The FireMarshall & I have "The Most Wanted" posters up on the wall in the kitchen. We just added a new perp to the roster. WHY do I have to be this way?

Those recipies for Bacon & Shrimp Empanadas and the Blue Cheese & Caramelized Onion Empanadas on Today Show Cooking School were FANTASTIC. Absolutely delish and relatively easy to fix.

Guess what? There is app for that! Today Recipes is an app. Now all my favs are at my fingertips.

I love people who believe they are THE Subject Matter Expert on EVERYTHING. I mean everything and if you are not doing it, participating in it or think on it the same way - you are WRONG. Whatever. I do what I want, when I want. I'm not much for being a big follow them cause dey say so kinda chick. I'm just sayin.

Yeah, I do me pretty darn well.

This whole daylight savings time has me totally throwed off today. I'm so behind on everything...could be that I procrastinated too. HUMPH. I still got that run in.

I'm off. Gotta get it together for this work week, hanging with the Prince and jetting off to Kentucky to get my workout on with MsPattey this weekend. Busy Busy.

What Random Musings do you have?