An Act of Congress-Verizon's EPIC FAIL Resolved

Today! we have resolution. After 30 days of no service, 1 service call where the tech didn't really want to do what it was gonna take to make the repair (trace every jack in the house), 3 more scheduled appointments - 3 no shows...I managed to get a tech to come to the house.

What did it take...practically an Act of Congress. I have a friend who is a liaison for a Congressman. This person saw my rants on FB and asked me if she could help. I said I would take all the help I could get. A few phone calls & emails and I had a point of contact at Verizon that had some power/pull to make things happen. I talked with this VERY NICE woman this morning and she promised I would have a tech out to my house today. She even called me twice with updates. I don't know exactly what she did, but the tech told me on the phone (I couldn't believe I was actually talking to the repair man) that someone had freed up his afternoon schedule and moved my call up in line...he would be at my house in 15min.

After all the drama, I was stunned to say the least.

The tech arrived - a very nice young man - who had to test every jack to trace where the short was, rewired some stuff and WHA LA! I was back in business. It took him an hour. He revealed that it was possible that the previous tech knew what it was going to take and how long, knew he had to make more calls today to make "quota" (did you know that those guys have to make so many FIOS & copper calls a day or "they" start investigation you...to be fired? - WOW), and decided to bolt. It is possible.

I even received an email today from a customer service rep telling me when I would be getting a credit for the time I did not have service.

An Act of Congress.

I still have to say, shame on you, Verizon, for the aggravation, for the poor customer service, for the amount of time that it took you to make this repair & for the fact that it took a phone call from a Congressional Liaison to make this happen. What about all the customers who don't have that kind of advocate? I wonder.

Many thanks to my friend. Many thanks to Ms. S at Verizon, who had the patience of Job with me and made things happen.

I am grateful but DAMN - it should NOT have taken An Act of Congress.