It Takes A Village

I talk to MsPattey (AKA HandyHotNESS-Kentucky) almost every day - sometimes 2-3x a day - just depends on what's going on. Lately we have been talking about fitness, working out, eating healthy and just DOING THE DAMN THING to be better - stronger. She has been following TriBecca's Journey and loves the fact that we (some of the Usual Suspects here in the DMV) support each other, workout together, talk with each other and basically help each other stay accountable in our journey of fitness, health and achieving new goals.

She lamented that she wished she had that out her way. She doesn't have a Tribe or a couple of Usual Suspects that she can hang with, run with, workout with...etc. etc. I have to admit that this blog/FB/Twitter thing and the subsequent friendships that I have made here in the DMV and beyond is just amazing. I appreciate it and value the relationships that have come from it. However, right now...I am MsPattye's "Tribe" (and Swaz too).

It takes a village to not only raise up kids, but it takes a village to keep us accountable to our goals and visions...to believe in us when we stumble...to pick us up when we fall and put us back on the road. It takes a village to be a cheering squad, to provide great advice as well as constructive criticism.

...And isn't it wonderful when you achieve that goal - the dream, to have A Village there with you to celebrate. They were there for the journey and they are there at the triumphs (and even the setbacks).

I ask you to join me and add one of my bestest friends in the world to your "Tribe" - your village and follow her as she Embraces the Journey. Check out her blog...and let's all