Hardcore Workouts

That is your heart...That is also your heart beating rapidly after working out with me...at least according to TriBecca. Yeah, yeah...I've heard it before...I'm kinda "hardcore" with my workouts. I actually think it is more like focused & intense. When I am working out, I ABOUT it. I don't pussy foot around. I'm also not cute when I workout. I'm there to workout - NOT to pick up some guy or to impress anybody else. I'm sweating, my hair is probably wrapped up under some bandana, and if I came from work - then my makeup is probably all running down my face or I don't have any on at all.

NOT CUTE. I'm about business.

TriBecca and I got our workout ON tonight. Seriously. We did a 45 min spin class first. Sprints & Hills. Uggaaaahhhh! We had a great class. Yes, I did look over at TriBecca and firmly declared that she needed to stop bouncing on that seat. She grinned at me with the smile that will get you to do just about anything (like sign up for a triathalon)...but she did add a little more resistance so that she wasn't jiggling up and down.

(Kudo's to the VERY large gentleman to my left for tearing it up in spin; however, I was very concerned for his - ya know - cause that bike seat disappeared for 45 min. I hope you are okay and can sit tomorrow. I recommend the treadmill for awhile, doh)

I really enjoy working out with TriBecca. She inspires me and pushes me to work even harder. We don't talk much - 'cause we busy breathing gasping - but we push each other through.

After we finished the spin class, off to the pool we went. LAWD HAB MURCY. That damn pool gonna be the death of me. 30 min of laps, 800 feet or meters or whatever is equivalent to 16 laps. Yeah, I was DAWG tired. I wanted to turn to TriBecca and say "Ize tired, boss. Dawg tired. Can I rest now." She wasn't having none of that. With that damn GRIN, she replies "5 more minutes." HUMPH. But, ya know, I went ahead and gave her a good 5 more min & 3 more laps.

I may have zapped her in spin, but this new fish lady has opened a can of pool whoop azz on me. How da hell am I 'spoze to hold my coffee cup tomorrow.

I am loving this workout with buddies thing.

Just makes me even more Hardcore!

...Are you ready for me next weekend MsPattey?