The Nation's Finest

On Friday, April 23rd, two Air Force Academy Grads (Maurice Dunn & Rashad Howard) and I were the hosts of a networking event at Bar7 in DC for all of the Black Service Academy Graduates that lived in the DMV. The purpose was to get everyone together and spread the word out about the Inaugural Black Service Academy Graduates Super Reunion that will take place August 26-28th, 2010 at the Gaylord Resort & Conference Center in National Harbor, MD.

If you are a Black Service Academy Grad in the DMV and didn't attend...DAMN!! YOU MISSED IT. It was just awesome. We had grads there from the Class of 1977 up to 2001. Airline Captains, Presidents & VP's of major corporations, Lawyers, Doctors, Business Owners and even the Pilot for the Vice President of the United States (who is an AF Academy Graduate) were in the house. What a treat to hang out with The Nation's Finest.

Check out the event...I bet you know some people in the video. It's time to get connected and/or reconnect. Register now.

If you missed this event, I hope you will NOT miss the Super Reunion. It is going to be a great time.

"Celebrate History - Accept the Challenge"
The Super Reunion will be the first ever gathering of African-American US Military Academy, US Naval Academy, US Air Force Academy, US Coast Guard Academy and US Merchant Marine Academy graduates from every class year. Our mission is to provide an engaging atmosphere where attendees share professional and personal experiences, resulting in a skilled network of diverse professionals. The Super Reunion will challenge this new resource group to explore collaborated community service. We will also pay tribute to the oldest living African-American graduates from each military service academy.