Just Keep Swimming…

Just Keep Swimming…& Yes–Black Girls Swim too!

On Sunday, I met TriBecca for a swim workout. Her first for the Triathlon swim season and I got to unleash a bunch of the drills  I’ve been learning to improve my ‘swim efficiency’ at the Triathlon Swim Group Class.


I was so jazzed with TriBecca’s willingness to play along and when I pulled out my board with the workout on it and told her it was 1800 meters…she didn’t flinch.  We did the entire workout and coached each other on our form. TriBecca was right when she said it was so much better to swim with someone so they can see your form and tell you what you are doing wrong or could improve on.


When she coerced me into this Triathlon business, I HATED the swim part with the hate, rage & heat of a thousand suns. But I did it, cause, well…when you drop a c-note+ to register for a race, get gear, a bike and whatnot – you BEST train. So, I swam. After I started going to the group swim and getting coached – and getting better- I started to love the swim workout. I actually enjoy it.


And it thrills me to no end that there are ladies, just like Becca & I that are accepting the swim challenge. BK (BrooklynDiva) has learned to swim…and it is just a matter of time before she will add Triathlete to her titles. 1969 has been bit by the Tri bug and is doing her 1st Tri (I will be there in the race with her) in June. And BTW…1969, I know we didn’t get to finish our talk today, but that swim was the 1st of many – Just keep swimming, girlfriend. I’ll help you ANY DAY!  I also think that we will snooker Tsiphora pretty soon to join the insanity.


I’ll talk about all my running/fitness buddies (MsPattey, Myra, IlaGator, Shawn, BusyDiva and so many more) in another post soon. Right now, I want to say to all my friends on this journey…Just Keep Swimming.


Dory sure was one wise fish.