DC Power Team (Pfizer) Reunion 2011

O.M.G! I went back into the archives and realized that the DC Power Team hasn’t had a “reunion” since 2007. O.M.G! The crime. How time flies. Life gets in the way. I just have to say that it is a damn shame and I am SOOOOO glad that Marsha & Debbie put together a reunion. I have yet to find a group of people that I worked with/for that became & STAYED friends after 4 rounds of layoffs, job changes and so on. EVER.


I love me some DC Power Team & let me not forget The Washington Federals (Ron, Sam, Russ, the Perry Boys & Crew). I swear, those were some of the best times of my life & career.


Click here to reminisce with me re: the 2007 reunion. You can even click a link to have some grins an giggles regarding The Power Team’s Mascot – The PowerBot!


From top-bottom/left-right: Joel Brown, Marsha Anderson –DM, Anissa Wilson, Debbie Wallace, Lisa Steptoe


We had two members from the Washington Federals join us for the reunion – Ron Steptoe & Sam Harris.


I had a wonderful time hanging with these guys. Let’s not let the years pass us by before we do it again…and we HAVE to get the new, world famous, Dr. Bryan Canterbuy to join us next time. What a hoot that will be.


Love you guys. Let me see if I can find our Boogie Nights and Mission Impossible video.