PMT - Pride Management Time

It is always a pleasure to have Prince Jordan, Heir to the Empire, Protector of the Realm home from college for a visit. However, it really hit me this time that my son was no longer "my baby"...he was becoming his own man and finding/making a place for himself in this word. Add to this the fact that he has essentially has chosen Lady Joan as "the one" already (and whenever I throw up the side eye...he patiently asks me why what worked for the FM and I can't work for him...umm, well...er...IDK).

The FireMarshall, to my eternal chagrin, keeps reminding me that "Boy's leave...as it should be." I would like to stab him in the throat every time he says that true bulldookie to me. HURSH.

This holiday visit came to a close and I kept whining to the FM and anybody else who would listen that "I am feeling some kinda way about The Prince. I feel ignored, forsaken, dumped, kicked to the curb."

I wasn't the only one.

Princess Cara was asked if she wanted to ride to the airport to see Prince Jordan (the same brother she used to "bully" a kid at school with a 'if you keep messing with me, I'll have my brother, the po-lice, sh--t you.') off to college. She went OFF! "NO! I only like Jordan a little now...he didn't spend any time with me...he stayed in his room the whole time."

The FireMarshall, Prince Jordan and I were killing some time in the kitchen a couple of hours before Jordan's flight and between my mewling & Cara's kick to the curb, the FM said..."Jordan, I think it's time for me to teach you the art of PMT."

Pride Management Time - or how to manage all the lionesses in your pride.

I blended into the background so I could listen to The King bestow some wisdom onto his son, The Prince & Future King.

The King explained that essentially there were only two male lions in this pride we call family and a whole slew of lionesses to include a possible future addition (Lady Joan) and he had to figure out how to divide his attention and give each lioness the attention she needs. Even though the male is busy out there building the Kingdom & protecting the realm, he still needs to give some time, energy and attention tot he women in his life that the realm & love him.

Pride Management.

The young Prince wasn't completely grasping the concept so the King gave up some examples:

"...that time you called your mom out of the blue and talked about college, your life and stuff for an hour kept her on cloud nine for months."

"...going over to Gma Willie's and setting up her rug cleaner and replacing light bulbs = her hero."

"...playing ball, lego's or any game with Cara would put you back into 'my brother will kick your azz' status."

"Next time, take your mother out to lunch - just the two of you. The hour or so you spend with your mother over the few weeks your in town will carry her for longer than you can imagine."

The King went on to explain that a little "time" given to your lionesses will go a long way to keeping the pride happy and harmonious. It takes time to master this skill and to figure out what will make each happy, but master it you must for peace in the Kingdom.

Wise words. Father to Son.

What do you think about PMT - Pride Management Time?