Phat & Fabulous - Week 1

Thank you to those of you who asked me how my 1st week went with WWOnline, tracking and exercising. Well, I started out tracking everything very well and then...we had that "going back to college" dinner where I stopped counting the glasses of sangria...and I didn't get back to it until Sunday.

I think the tracking is extrememly helpful and keeps you thinking before you open your mouth or reaching for junk. I also don't want to tell ya'll that I ate an entire day (or week) of calories/points in one sitting. Definitly helps me make better choices. Perhaps I should make better choices just because...it's a healthier choice...yet accountability & the fear of a few snickers works well too. LOL.

Even with my slacking off on tracking points...Drumroll...

I'm down 2.7 lbs. GO ME!!!

How are you doing with your goals so far?