Thursday Thoughts

We had BIG DINNER tonight to honor The Prince, Heir to the Empire - Protector of the Realm & Princess Charlee going back/off to college tonight. Great times as we planned how to defeat the zombie apocalypse/Armageddon that is about to happen. I love & hate my kids at the same time.

I pick on Lady Joan because it is still hard for me to totally give over my son to the inevitable. I like her...and I hate her all the same.

I am currently "dating" vicariously through my BFF...and having the time of my life. Like I have any idea on how to date in the the 21st century...but talking with her everyday is pure joy. Well...I always talked to her everyday, but now...I LIVE for it. Between our workouts and her life...I can hang on...better than Xan.a.x.

My country BFF, that lives in the most spectacular Victorian Mansion that dreams are made of, sent me the most beautiful and awesome purse the other day. I opened the box and just stood there staring at it and tears started falling. I love her so...and KNOW I don't tell her enough or spend enough time with her. I love her. She is the ONLY person that actually WRITES letters. I'm going to sit down and write her back. It is so easy for me to just call her but NOPE...I'm writing her a letter tomorrow. I love her so. Thank you. That gift made my day...my month actually. It is beautiful.

I don't give a rats azz that they read the Constitution. SO. How bout you actually apply it...and not selectively. Do your damn job. Jeeze.

I really wanted a good friend to come to dinner tonight, but I knew it was a lot to ask and a long way to come so I let it go. I love her so, too.

It amazes me...and I realize how much of a blessing it is to have so many loverly friends.

I'm still finding it difficult to let go of The Prince. My daughters...not so much...my son...it's killing me.

Today is going to be a blank on the WW points tracker...I just couldn't keep up with how many glasses of sangria I had tonight. Oh well.

I have a phone interview (the second interview) tomorrow. I HATE phone interviews. I'm much better in person.

Is it just me...I LOVE to watch my husband get "dressed" (suit & tie). Just Chexy.

I'm really looking forward to the trip to Spain with the Queen Mum & Princess Erin (especially when the Queen Mum gets her knee fixed). The stories...Lawd hab murcey.

How was your day before FLUFFY!!!

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  1. Ummm, you cant let go of your daugthers BC I wont let you... LOL