You Think Maybe…


You think maybe I don’t understand why so many women give a rats azz that Steve Harvey has written 2 books and is considered a “Relationship Expert”. If you are NOT in his target audience, if you don’t do have the dumb azz shyt that he is ‘counseling’ about, if you don’t need help with figuring out why none of your baby daddies will marry you and such then why do you care? Don’t buy it, don’t read it, don’t support it.


You think maybe …don’t hate the playa, hate the game.


You think maybe we should spend more time pulling the thorn from our side, wiping the blemish from our eyes & dropping those rocks we are so eager to throw?


You think maybe instead we should pray for others more instead of raking them over the coals & issuing that express bus ticket to hell? Most of us already have our own pass without adding passengers.


You think maybe misery like company? I rather be by myself.


You think maybe I have a slight addiction to signing up for races. You think maybe the more insane, the better? I need to come off the fitness crack.


You think maybe I need to rename True Blessings Estate to the True Blessings Transitional Home. My sister has moved in. We rented out a room to a friend. I need to see about writing a grant.


You think maybe sometimes I’m really, really tired. Yet I know that to whom much is given, much is expected and that I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.


You think maybe, just sometimes, I pray for a ‘duty, responsibility & accountability’ vacation?


You think maybe if it wasn’t for ya’ll checking up on me, holding me to my word with love, kindness and gentle nudges that I would have fallen totally off the wagon, let stress, life, & sickness keep me from being Phat & Fabulous. Thanks for the check in’s. I’ll be back with updates soon.


You think maybe that if I didn’t sign up for all of these races that I would have not only said FUGG the Eat Right Plan but FUGG the working out too? Let me tell ya…when you spend on average $50 for a running race to $100+ for a Triathlon, you think maybe you train for those things?


You think maybe The TravelDiva don’t waste no moolah?


You think maybe I am excited about the road trip to Atlanta Friday to see the season opener tournament for Indiana Tech’s LAX. The road trip with all of my girls is going to be a friggin HOOT!


You think maybe I’m still going to figure out how to fit into my WW points the Smothered, Covered, Chopped & so on hash browns from the Waffle House?


You think maybe you shouldn’t judge me?


Just in…You think maybe that kid that doused a cat in lighter fluid, thrown in a milk crate and set on fire is a future serial killer? Seriously, what is wrong with people?


You think maybe I HATE watching the news?


You think maybe with all that is going on, I am loving my life? Yeah, I do. The journey…it’s all about the journey.


So, my friends – you think maybe you got some random stuff going on with you? Spill it.