Race Photo Contest


Remember this photo my mother took of me swimming at the Musselman Triathlon? Looks like I’m just cruising along, huh. NOT. I was trying my best to make a comeback from the swim debacle at the Philly Tri where it took nearly 40 min of huffing puffing and doing every other stroke (including the doggie paddle) to get the hell out of the water. At this one I was taking my time and chanting “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming….” the whole way.


Well, I entered this photo in the TriSports.com Photo Contest. The prize is a nice cycling kit (jersey, shorts etc) and in this VERY expensive sport that I have a mad addiction for…I really could use this.


Please help by clicking here ------->>>> PHOTO CONTEST. This will take you to the picture on the Book of the Face. Once there…click ‘LIKE’. I am WAAAAYYY behind the number one spot (121 likes). Your help is greatly appreciated.