My Triathlete Journey–Coming Full Circle

Remember this….The TravelDiva is a Triathlete!


The TravelDiva is a Triathlete


Well, on Sunday, September 11th, 2011 -  I will bring this journey full circle as I participate in The Nation’s Triathlon AGAIN. Since I did my first triathlon on Sept 12th of 2010 I’ve been very busy…


The Nation’s Triathlon – Sept 12th, 2010

Navy 5 Miler – Sept 2010

Army 10 Miler – Oct 2010

Cherry Blossom 10 Miler – April 2011

PeasantMan Tri – May 2011

Annapolis 10K – June 2011

Philly Triathlon – June 2011

Mussleman Tri – July 2011

Iron Girl – Aug 2011

The Nation’s Triathlon – Sept 11th 2011

Navy 5 Miler – Sept 25th 2011

Army 10 Miler – October 9th 2011


Am I really all that faster….mmmm…here & there. Doing too much….mmmm…yeah, probably. Tired, burnt out on “training”…mmmm…certainly. Would I do it all again?


ABSOLUTELY. I am fit. I am fierce. I am FABULOUS!


…AND I have better looking gear & outfits.


I am wiser & stronger – “can’t” is just not part of my vocabulary – the question is HOW?!


My goal for 2012 is to do an EagleMan 70.3 – on to the next challenge. I plan on being much more strategic in training and choosing races in preparation for an Eagle. Maybe – maybe not. I just might throw in some more races because I’m am GOING to get MsPattey in the water and I AM going to do that race (whatever it is) with her. I also plan on doing another race with Nineteen69 in 2012 cause we gonna be swimming like dolphins!!. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I do what I want and try and drag my BFF’s along with me (The suffering, beatings & training schedule WILL NOT STOP until everyone has several pieces of RACE BLING)


I may not be Speedy Gonzales. I may never stand on a podium as a top finisher in my age group…maybe when I get into the 60’s age category. What I am is a girl that just went out and DID THE DAMN THING!…and am having a blast doing it.


Why do I Tri? I have a lot of reasons, but when Princess Cara looks at me at the end of the race with my race bling around my neck and says…”Wow, mommy! You are a winner!” I need nothing else.