One of Us–GO ARMY!

Last weekend, The FireMarshall and I went up to West Point to attend the Army Athletic Hall of Fame Induction in support of one of his teammates, Randy Cozzens, that was getting inducted. We also got a chance to attend a home football game ( I AM THE 12th MAN) and watch it in style with some guys from the Class of 79. The Hall of Fame banquet was just lovely; however, what was even more impressive & moving was all of the basketball players that came back to support Randy & Head Coach Spiker. Coach Spiker is doing wonderful things with the basketball team and in bringing back the “old” to mentor the “new”…I think he has found a winning formula. I love one of his motto’s : West Point Basketball – One of Us.



I too felt like one of them…I was there for 4 years of Army Basketball. I went where the team went – every trip section I could get on – every home game. The team sponsors/coaches were mine too – as I was always where Ron was. I might not have played, but I felt like I was part of the team and they always made me feel that way.


One of Us.



There is 33 years of Army Basketball represented above. How awesome is that? What a real treat it was to have GEN Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff toss up the ball to get the game stated at the 1st Annual Alumni Basketball Game. Them old boys still had it, albeit, slower.


I turned out to be the team photographer for the weekend and managed to turn around this video from the Banquet & Alumni Game…ONE OF US!

West Point Basketball–ONE OF US

Ron and I are committed to get up there and support the Basketball team when ever we can because we are ONE OF THEM!


As for the rest of the weekend…it was an AWESOME FOOTBALL GAME! as we won a tough game against Northwestern. I am COMPLETELY ruined for watching a home game anywhere other than this group of 79 grads skybox. Scotch, cigars, great food & the best view in the stadium overlooking the entire field – dead centered on the 50 yard line…I was in GO ARMY FOOTBALL HEAVEN! (…and this group are Steeler Fans too! SHEEEEYT – HEAVEN)

  IMG_1416 IMG_1414

  IMG_1417 IMG_3804

This is what I call the LONG GREY LINE!!! Their hospitality was top notch and Ron & I pulled K-P duty so we could get an invite back.


Awesome weekend all around.


What’s it like for you with your Alma Mater? Are you a crazy “Stan” (stalker fan) for your teams/school like me?


GO ARMY! BEAT THE HELL OUTTA NAVY! – Someday, again. The 12th man lives in me!

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  1. GO STEELERS! What an awesome weekend! And love your team pick ;) Can you believe i married a Raven's fan?! I have to find cool ppl like you to get excited with!