Army 10 Miler 2012


Another awesome race day with team Usual Suspects. If you didn’t know, this race sells out in a matter of hours the day it opens ups and for the past 3 years, I have suckered found a group to run as a team with me, collected the money up front and registered us all in one fell swoop, getting all of us registered within minutes of registration opening (or before the server crashes).


Well, the ladies outdid themselves this year with some awesome training and Team  Usual Suspects (6 women) came in #10 in our division (Open Women)

Usual Suspects - Open Women - 7:37:13 – 10


AWESOME! I had a pretty respectable time(IMHO) of 2:06:04. Knocking 4 min of last years time and able to walk away from the race. Last year, I was in some kinda pain. This year…I felt like speedy gonzalez. Reviewing my runkeeper stats, I was able to maintain a 11:45 min pace for 5 miles and then, well, I guess I sloooowed down to an avg 13 min pace for the next five. Lesson: Work on being consistent over the entire distance. Something to work on/toward.


I love this race with all the people (30,000 of your closest friends) and spectators! Makes for an awesome day. I’ve been slacking since Sunday. Back at it, mmmm, Saturday. I have to get myself and Princess Cara (she is doing .4) ready for the Turkey Chase next month. 6.1 miles. Let’s see if I can maintain that 11:45 for 6 miles. WOO HOO!

Finish Certificate 2012