Only One Way to Go….FASTER

I entered the AddIt to WinIt daily drawing on the Ironman FB page about a week ago and on the last day of the drawing (last Friday) I was looking at my newsfeed and saw “Friday night's winner of the myList Add it to Win it is Lisa S. from Elliot City, MD! Congratulation on winning a Vorttice Helment from Louis Garneau.”


HOLY COW! So now what? I now have a very expensive, elite aero helmet that “redefines speed”. Ummm…the helmet costs almost as much as my bike which now tells me something…time to get a new bike. This helmet and Diva Dawes combo is like me putting a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes with a K,Ma.rt house dress. Damn Shame.


I can’t wait to get my Vorttice Helmet.  I’ve laid these eyes on The Firemarshal…

…and guess who is shopping for a new bike. Yep. ‘Cause, seriously, there is only one way to go --- FASTER!