Politics 4 Dummies–Here’s What I Know

politics4dummies     Seems like this election has got EVERYBODIES panties all up in a bunch. What I notice most of all is -


1. People are just down right rude & can’t have a civil conversation, resorting to name calling & trolling when they realize they are not converting you to their twisted way of thinking or buying their brand of bullshit.

2. People are so entrenched in their ideology that even when they are waist deep in bullshyt, even when they are faced with a bold faced lie/hypocrisy/the outrageous or egregious – fugg it, this is what I think and damn the truth.

3. People hate (yes, I said hate) the President SO DAMN MUCH that they don’t give a damn when their elected officials block/filibuster/vote against everything and anything that comes out of the Oval Office.


The screaming & gnashing of teeth is astounding. “The worst President in history.” Seriously people? POTUS certainly isn’t the second coming to anything, but for real? – Worst EVER? Like FOREVER?


Get a damn grip.


I certainly am no where close to any type of political wonk. I don’t know every freaking statistic, every piece of political history off the top of my head. I don’t spend my waking hours searching for pieces of data & (often) out of context facts to support my argument why the Republicans or the Democrats are the next best thing since sliced bread no matter how much their diapers are filled with runny diarrhea. I’m busy. LIVING LIFE. I’m busy with my family and home. I’m busy focused on clawing my way back out of the valley that we (temporarily, I might add) slipped into when we survived 3 layoffs while starting our own company. When I do respond or enter into a conversation with someone about the current candidates, I do make an effort to google, read and make a valid attempt at backing up what I say with some TRUTH/FACTS. However, a lot of times my discussions/positions/beliefs on a topic are based on my LIFE EXPERIENCES.




I’ve been to the mountain top and drank from the fountain of milk & honey - I’ve been that top % earner bracket (not hide my money in the Cayman’s rich – more like 40 acres & a mule, Hummer, 10day vacay’s 2x/year rich)…and I’ve been in the valley, laid off 3x collecting an unemployment check that wouldn’t even cover our electric bill, taking $50 and squeezing/twisting $300 out of it. HUMPH. So, I don’t need to be a tax attorney or know how many tax returns every candidate has released for the past 100 years to KNOW that the man who wants to be the LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD, but keeps most of his money in a foreign country is FULL OF SHYT. You want to tell us minions how much we gotta pay in taxes, what loop holes & deductions you gonna shut down – basically, with a straight smirk stick it to the middle class, working poor, and just plain poor (the 47% Victims). I don’t need to be a rocket scientist or break down who exactly you are talking about when you say “you are not concerned with those people…that’s not your job”.


I just throw a flag on the play and call BULLSHYT.


I have had some of the best health insurance possible, through an employer – cafeteria style, never had to pay a premium. We were “given” a certain amount per year and then picked everything from medical/dental/life/legal/disability and much more. If you went over the amount “given” then “your contribution” kicked in – never more than $20/month in my case. *cue the angles singing* I’ve also been part of that horrid group of people called the uninsured – you know them – the ones that just don’t want to PAY for insurance, too lazy to work to get insurance, or those working poor that can’t afford the high premium contribution to take their employers plan – CAUSE THEY WANT TO EAT – people. Laid off, kicked out of my Cadillac plan and can’t afford the $1800/month for a family of 4 COBRA premium – we went without health insurance. I tried to qualify us for medical assistance (at least for my kids) until we got back on the straight and narrow but my PAST 2 TAX RETURNS made us ineligible for assistance – even temporarily – even for just the kids. We hadn’t been poor long enough, you see. Then began a 6 month search for a job AND private insurance, getting rejected by 3 different companies for PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS. It took me finding us a broker to negotiate on our behalf and we were finally given the privilege of paying $800/month in premiums. Lucky us. So I don’t need to have read the entire AHC Act (although I’ve read most of it), be a doctor or an insurance company to know that neither Romney or Ryan give a rats ass about the health of anybody else but themselves.They can afford anything & everything that would ever come their way. Fugg the poor – “use the emergency room”, Fugg grandma/grandpa – figure out how to make that voucher work on a fixed/limited income.


I just throw a flag on the play and call BULLSHYT.


I am a woman, hear me roar. I have daughters. Women have had the right to vote for less than 100 years. Progress. Not so much. Why am I – in the 21st CENTURY – worried about my daughters ability to have easy access to birth control so they can make the choice of when to have children, while men have no problem getting Via,gr@, Ci@1is and the like (paid for) so they can get it on at will? Why does getting PSA’s & colonoscopy’s count toward preventative care, but Pap Smears & Mammograms are getting put on the back burner as not needed so much? Why, on God’s green earth, would I ever vote for a party that would allow the redefinition of “legitimate rape” (what the fugg is legitimate about rape- EVER) and at every turn deny a woman the right to determine what she can or can not do with her body. I don’t need to explain or prove anything to know that I don’t – I won’t support a party or a candidate that would be empowered to return women to the stone age.


I just throw a flag on the plan and call BULLSHYT.


I could go on regarding my EXPERIENCES. I am probably qualified to be Secretary of Transportation (at least) cause I can see I70, I95, I495 & I695 from my roof top. HUMPH. I’m qualified.


I may not know much about the political process or have all the data/stats. What I do know is what I have learned from my life experiences and I know I can spot BULLSHYT when I see & hear it. I’m not a label. I’m not a Republican or Democrat, Conservative or Liberal. Sticks & Stones. I am an INDEPENDENT thinker. Based on my experiences and thoughts on the rhetoric being spewed on all sides, I’ll take the devil I know over the skinnin & grinnin, say any damn thing with a smile or smirk cause you honestly believe we are too damn stupid to discern the truth or throw them up against rational thought or past experiences, Romney.


…and that is my right. And you have the right to do you. You may think that I am the poster child for Politics for Dummies. So be it. WHATEVER. What I know is that I won’t vote GOP because they DO NOT represent or support anything that is positive for me, my family or my experiences. NOT ONE DAMN THING. At this point, 5 weeks out from election day, all I can do is SMDH at people that simply don’t care that the GOP is lying in your face and will throw 98% of America under the bus to protect their own 1% as long as they get that **insert Socialist, Muslim, Kenyan, Boy, Un-American, Black, Other slur here** out of office.


I don’t know much. What I do know is who I’m going to vote for. …and for now, that is still my right.