True Blessings Estate

We have finally finished most of the construction on the addition we built to our home. What started out to be a 8 month project turned into 3 years of hell. I can't even start to describe the nightmare we went through. Suffice it to say we went to hell with a short stay in pergatory and made it back to earth with the help of a great contractor and family friend - who is out in the hall right now (10pm) finishing the hallway marble in time for my party tomorrow - as well as the support of close family and friends. Without them, Ron and I surley would have been a basket case. We still have several odds and ends (finishing) work to do, but my mother moved into the in-law suite and out of the basement. We are back at peace. I thought for sure she was going to go Psycho on us any minute if I didn't get her out of the dungeon.
If you would like to view a video slide show of "The Building of a True Blessing" point your mouse to : http://salesdiva.neptune.com/index.html?selectedalbum=salesdiva284962
The completion of this addition is a True Blessing and that is why we named it so.
Well, I have to get back to getting ready for tomorrows Army-Navy Party & Open House.

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  1. And what are we serving at the party today, hmmmm? Plenty of crab dip?????

    Have a wonderful party. I KNOW everyone will be floored at the open house.

    Wish we were there too!