Ah! Venice

I definitly believe that Venice has to have been THE best stop on this cruise next to Istanbul. The arrival was just incredible. If you are to come to Venice, you HAVE to see it as you arrive from the Bridge Deck (or anywhere at the front of the ship). It was THE most spectacular view and a navigational feat to watch as the Emerald Princess - this huge beast of a ship - navigated the main canal (I've forgotton the name) sailing right past St Marks Piazza. Just incredible.

Ron and I did a two excursions today. Once was a tour of Doge Palace & Murano Glass Demonstration (which I couldn't take pictures of the Master at work-BUMMER). The Palace was cool but we found the Murano Glass demonstration much more interesting. We watched as this man made a vase and a glass horse in the matter of less than 10 minutes. It was facinating. We (or rather Ron - cause, and I know this is hard to believe - I was bout spent out) found a glass piece that would go great in the house and ONLY cause Ron insisted, did we purchase it. Yeah Yeah. After our tours were finished, we had an evening gondola ride with serenade. It was so nice. It was one of the best days of the whole trip.

Today, we disembarked from the ship. The party is over. We are staying one more day in Venice and have dinner tonight at a restaurant that came highly recommended. After getting off the ship, we found our hotel, checked in and then went out for a little nic-nac shopping for last minute gifts for family & friends. Ron wanted to eat first (AGAIN) and just as we were about to go back out into San Marco's Square, I got the ultimate in good luck sign - I got dumped on by one of the millions of pigeons right on the top of my head. HOLY CRAP! Ron was amazed that I didn't have a total melt down and since we were not that far from the hotel, we went back so I could get the BIRD SHYT out of my hair. Only a Steptoe!

After clean up (it wasn't as bad as I thought), we ventured back out and found a cafe looking over the Grand Canal. Ron had a pizza while I enjoyed just the BEST gellatto I have ever had on the face of the earth. Yummy. Yummy (as our ship waiter would always say). We sat for a while and watched the tourists go by. People watching is absolutely fascinating. Finally, we went on another shopping trek and picked up some trinkets (Murano glass necklace for Cara's teacher and some other glass items), even picked up some Venitial Masks to add to the collection.

Ron is now taking a nap before dinner. I am writing to you as I watch the rain come down. First bit of rain I've seen in over 12 days. Tonight is our last night of our adventure. Tomorrow we board a flight home.

P.S. I was able to upgrade our seats on USAIR to business glass using our miles. Going home in comfort baby - AS IT SHOULD BE!!!


  1. So when you finally quit monkeying around with your little shack in Maryland are you going to buy a summer house in Italy???

    Please tell me that Ron gained a pound or two on the trip. PLEASE! It would not be fair if he didn't!!!

    Have a safe journey home. Can't wait to see the scrapbook on this one!
    P.S. Happy 4th of July

  2. Wow! Nice. Did you get to kiss under the the famous bridge of Sighs?