Kusadasi, Turkey: Path to Ephasus

Aren't I the smart one! I was one of two passengers to answer the question of the day (what bird can dive to a depth of up to 900 ft) - Well, if you have watched Happy Feet you would KNOW that it is an Emperor Penguin! I won Ron and I free drinks (that's a big deal when even a doggone soda costs a fortune) in the Adagio Bar where "we can enjoy an Italian aperitif, martini, or INDULGE in a delicious dessert after dinner - always with breathtaking views and live entertainment." I don't need an excuse to INDULGE, obviously (Dolly Parton ain't got nuttin on this sister), just bring me the certificate and I'm there. The detox, fast, diet and even my exercise plan will have to wait till I get back. Not only did I blow the whole program, I done BLEW UP. Yeah, yeah - sacrifices must be made in the name of fun and travel. That's what a TRAVEL DIVA does!

Ron and I made an appointment for a private portrait sitting two nights ago (cause it came with free snacks, wine & champagne). We spent an hour waiting our turn, drinking champagne and having a great time with a large group that was going before us. Ron, of course, made a business contact for some dealings he has going on in Vietnam. The man DOES know how to work a room. Anyway, we got the portraits back and SHAZAAM! We look MARVELOUS. I can't wait to scan them in when we get back for ya to see. All I can say is YEAH BABY! Or one of my favorite morning pick-me-ups/affirmations....(standing in front of your mirror)..."DAMN, I LOOK GOOOOOD! (snap you finger like you mean business). SHIT!

Okay, back to the story...
We arrived at Kusadasi, Turkey this afternoon. The entire town has been transformed into a center for tourists (complete with a Burger King and a Starbucks), with access to Ephesus and the entire Ionian coast. I was excited about this stop because I wanted to go to Ephesus - not to see all the Greek stuff - but because it was there that the apostle Paul tried to preach and proclaim Christianity in his workshop and the apostle John wrote part of the New Testament and also died there.

During our tour we walked through the remains of the Magnesia Gate which leads to a downhill marble-paved road right down into this Roman capital. It continues past the Odeium (small theater or concert hall), the Temple of Hadrian, the Celsus Library, and the Great Theater. The Great Theater had seating for 25,000, and it is the site where St. Paul preached to the Ephesians.

After the tour, we were taken back to port for some "free time" to shop. Ron wanted to get out of there and back on the ship lickity split. He said that the sole purpose of the shop keepers was to "pry the last dollar/Euro from your cold, dying hands." He fussed all the way back to the ship, mumbling something about having to haggle for me and wondering what damage I would do if I had money to burn. WHATEVER. He thought he was home free, but as we were passing through the customs building to get to the ship, there was a whole display of snow globes. I HAD to have one to add to my collection. Ron throws his hands up in the air, tells me to remember - "cold, dying hands" - and waits for me to complete my purchase. Since this was in the duty free section, I didn't have to bargain. Thank Goodness!

Tonight we sail for Athens, Greece...but first Ron and I went to a show in the Princess Theater...can you say bob & travel? It was kinda cute and all, but not anywhere near a Broadway-like performance (as they claim). I've found the little side shows in the Explorers Lounge or even Karaoke in Club Fusion to be much more entertaining. We are gonna try the comedy show tomorrow evening after Athens.
Till Then....

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  1. So this means you haven't started the Alli, hu? LOL

    Oh, Lisa! You sound so happy and I am so happy for you! Have a few extra glasses of something good for me (I'm on sole taxi duty for these kids and I'm scared to even have a glass of wine for fear I'll need to haul another child somewhere!)

    By the way your letter arrived.