Romantic Tip of the Day from the Emerald Princess

Each day we get a newsletter in our stateroom mailbox called the “Princess Patter”. It is your daily guide to cruise activities aboard the ship – also known as your formal extortion guide. They do list the entertainment for the day but they also list all of the “deals” that are happening in the “Boutiques Onboard”, the “Lotus Spa” (where I did purchase a small country), the “Gatsby Casino”, the “Photo Gallery”, the “Art Gallery” and last but certainly NOT least…the Drink of the Day! If you are planning a cruise, it is not the price of the cabin/stateroom that you get that will kill you, it’s the alcohol, internet, cappuccino, spa, photo portraits, & shore excursion bill that will nearly bankrupt you. Buyers Beware.

One of the interesting things that I found in the Patter was the Romantic Tips of the Day.

· Always have a bottle of champagne on hand so you can celebrate anything (or nothing) at the drop of a hat (Ron and I have decided that we MUST adopt this one – my non-alcohol drinking husband has acquired a taste for champagne – I wonder how?)
· A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous. (Look it up)
· Love is a process. Adjust your daily schedule in some small way to advance the process of love in your life. (ABSOLUTELY. Didn’t make it this long without this tip)
· Identify one pivotal event that brought the two of you together and celebrate that event every year. (Well, I’m not sure how we celebrate going to a Military Academy each year, but we do celebrate the Army-Navy Game each year – does that count?)Romantics do not put their partners first by ignoring their own needs and wants. Rather they put their relationship first. (Nuff said)