Wash Your !#**$%X!!! Hands!

There is just NOTHING nastier (that I can think of at this very moment) then watching people in a public bathroom using the toilet and then walking right past the sink and out the door as if they pee and crap don't have no germs. EEEEWWWWW!

I'm in Penn Station, Newark about to catch the Acela back home after a week of training and I gotta go. Now this bathroom has to be one of the nastiest bathrooms I have ever seen so this is a definite hover maneuver. My backside, hands, thighs - NOTHING is gonna touch that toilet. Good thing I work out. Whew. So, I take care of that bottle of water I had been drinking and go to wash my hands. This woman - who looked nasty to begin with - comes out of the stall and walks right out the door. I thought I was going to HURL. If you only knew what was actually on your hands even AFTER you wash your hands you would NEVER go without washing and in fact would carry some Purel with you at all times.

The picture below is a screen saver from Cedar-Sinai ....."......Then, after they finished their lunch, Murthy handed each of them an agar plate — a sterile petri dish loaded with a spongy layer of agar. “I would love to culture your hand,” she told them.
They pressed their palms into the plates, and Murthy sent them to the lab to be cultured and photographed. The resulting images, Silka says, “were disgusting and striking, with gobs of colonies of bacteria.”
The administration then decided to harness the power of such a disgusting image. One photograph was made into a screen saver that haunted every computer in Cedars-Sinai.

.....In its 2000 report “To Err Is Human,” the Institute of Medicine estimated that anywhere from 44,000 to 98,000 Americans die each year because of hospital errors — more deaths than from either motor-vehicle crashes or breast cancer — and that one of the leading errors was the spread of bacterial infections." "Selling Soap, NY Times, Sept. 24, 2006"

It is well documented that germs cause illnesses.... STOP BEING NASTY AND WASH YOUR HANDS. You would just hate it if you got an MSRA infection cause you doctor didn't wash his hands or your gym Buddie slapped you on the back with their unwashed sweaty hand after using the toilet. EEEEWWWWWWW! Nasty can kill ya.