First Class

I am now totally ruined when it comes to air travel. FOREVER! I used airline miles to upgrade our seats to First Class for our 10 hour journey home from Venice.

First Class is THE ONLY WAY to travel. Without a doubt. As one of my husbands business partners keeps saying "Economy Class is just no way to live." I absolutely believe him. Now, you would think that as a Travel Diva I would have traveled in first class before - Nope, wrong. I've been slepping to all my destinations so I could maximize my spending when I get to where I'm going. I had no idea what I was missing. It was awesome. Ron kept telling me to stop giggling and fidgeting with everything - act like I knew what the deal was. WHATEVER. If I had my camera handy, I would have been snappin' pictures, I was havin' so much fun. Here is why First Class is the only way to travel - especially for transatlantic flights:
  1. You get to board FIRST!
  2. They serve you champagne while you get settled and wait for everyone else to take their seats.
  3. You get a REAL pillow and blanket that has been sealed in plastic prior to use.(not that mini pillow and pseudo flannel blanket that you are not sure how many people have breathed on it - never use em anyway)
  4. You get a bag of goodies (pair of socks, eye mask, ear plugs, toothpaste & toothbrush).
  5. You order "Lunch" off a regular menu.
  6. You get a pair of Bose-like (noise cancelling) headphones that you don't have to pay for. You gotta give em back though.
  7. You get your own personal television.
  8. The seat FULLY reclines and has a foot rest. And the seat is big enough that you can actually curl up in your seat and get some GOOD sleep. It was like Manna from Heaven.
  9. The attendant pulled out my tray and placed a mini linen tablecloth on it in preparation for my "lunch"
  10. The meal was served on CHINA with REAL silverware and glass stemware...and we were so close to the cockpit with all that REAL stuff.
  11. You don't have to pay for your drinks. And you can keep asking for refills. I must have kilt that bottle of wine. As a matter of fact, the alcohol was not served out of mini's, but FULL sized bottles - just like at a bar. UNBELIEVABLE.
  12. You get a bathroom that is only used by those in first class (approx 16-20 people vs. 200).
  13. They offer you a newspaper in the language of your choice. You don't have to buy one before you get on the plane.
  14. Snack time (yes, they have snack time) was ice cream...NOT served in little Styrofoam cups, but like mini Hagan Daas containers. Ron had 2. And if you want more snacks, they leave a bowl of fruit and basket of chips and stuff in the front kitchen. You can just help yourself. STOP THE MADNESS!
  15. You can have the WHOLE DAMN CAN of soda. Not just a cup.
  16. They offer you hot towels to freshen up before dinner and prior to landing.

I was just beside myself with joy. I felt like my cat when he looks real comfortable and curls up with a sigh. That was me! I ate my meal off of china, drank my wine out of glassware, reclined my seat all the way, put up the foot rest curled up under my binkie and watched a movie (several) on my personal TV. It was the most enjoyable, comfortable flight I've ever had.

I'll still be doing economy for domestic travel...ain't got it like that yet, but I had to tell Ron that it will just be UNACCEPTABLE to travel overseas anymore unless it is, at least, business class or higher. UNACCEPTABLE. Imagine my shock when he said "Deal." He must have really loved it too. I love my man - guess that is why I renewed my covenant for another 20.

Well, its back to reality - real life faces me...along with billions of emails and bills. Sooooo, off with the Travel Diva and back to being a Salesdiva...girl has to earn a livin'


  1. I remember my first trip in first class. It wasn't 10 hours or anything like that, but it was nice. BWI to Orlando. Drinks before we depart, food instead of almonds. Refills. First class is definitely worth the upgrade if you can afford it.

  2. I gotta agree here!!! I said my next trip is 1st class!!!! and thanks for stoppin by!

  3. Me and the big boy seats are well acquainted. LOL!

  4. I remember the first time I saw breakfast served on a plane on CHINA with GARNISH. I had to remember to close my mouth! LOL. I always got the whole can of soda in economy though. I requested it. They gave it to me. :)