Keep Your Own Bag of Woes

Just when we thought we had some drama during the cruise, we overheard a converstation a girl was having at breakfast about her ordeal during the cruise....HER LUGGAGE (and the luggage of about 50+ other passengers on a flight from Frankfurt) NEVER ARRIVED - at least not all of it. She has had to spend most of the trip finding underwear, clothing, personal items while in the various ports.

I think I would have just died. CRUISE OVER.

How in the world would I have done my hair? By day 2, I would have looked like Ooom Foo Foo, the bush BEEYACH....something straight out of the Lion King. If you think I had trouble with the sizes of clothes in Naples, HOW ABOUT A DAMN BRA! Small just was not going to harness these girls in at all. Oh, and my shoes! Two days in confinement was NOTHING compared to the anquish I would have experienced and Ron would have had to endure if I didn't have my things for 12 days.

So, I peeked into somebody elses bag of woes, didn't like what I saw and grabbed my bag back. Moral of the story...hold onto your own bags of drama, intrigue and woes cause there is DEFINITLY somebody else who had a bigger bag of crapola than you. Gives you a whole different perspective on the matter. Would also be helpful if I thought about that while in the midst of my own drama, but then where would be the fun.