Athens, Greece

We arrived in Athens today and went on a tour of the Acropolis where we walked up approximately 80 steps leading to the Parthenon. It was a beautiful site overlooking all of the city of Athens.

After our tour we went down to The Plaka which is a 19th century shopping district at the foot of the Acropolis. Of course, it's streets are lined with shops, boutiques, jewelry stores, tavernas and cafes. Ron found an art store and decided to get some art to decorate the new "wing" with. Our general contractor (Tyree), who practically lives at our house cause he is still working on things here and there (can anyone remember the name of the guy who lived with Murphy Brown and was forever painting her house), put travatine and marble with glass accents on our new hallway that connects the old part of the house to the new. Well, Ron found a few pieces that he fell in love with to accent one of the walls in the hall even found a couple of pieces for Tyree that we are sure he can incorporate into something. (two white marble tiles with silver medallions depicting Greek athletes) I KNOW he will make something - probably incorporate them into some tile work.

We stopped to have something to eat at one of the local cafes, I found another charm (the Parthenon) for my charm bracelet and then Ron fended off the gypsies selling tablecloths. I thought for one second that Ron was going to take some old woman out cause he was tired of telling her no and even blurted out - "WHAT PART OF NO DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND." Obviously, she only understood "yes" and "how many Euros?" cause she didn't pay Ron and mind.

Found out AGAIN that the world is just too small. As I was waiting for our tour guide to come gather us to get back on the ship, I was talking to a nice couple we met from North Carolina. He asked where in Clarksville did we live (cause they once lived in Columbia, MD - go figure). I told him the main cross-highways and after he indicated that he know exactly where that was, I told him our main street. He then told me that he had a best friend that used to live on our street on an out parcel of a farm that now had 4 houses on it with 3-4 acres each. GET OUT! He described the house and you won't believe this, but Ron and I bought that very house. NO WAY! Named the family and everything. Yep, that's them.

The world is just too small.


  1. Welcome to Athens! :)

  2. Six degrees of separation. The world is smaller than we think.

    Looks like you two are having a ball.

  3. Eldon. Murphy Brown's painter was named Eldon.