A Celebration of You

Last weekend, I went down to Atlanta to attend an event hosted by my girlfriend Karen. She hosted a weekend party honoring her friends and family; paying tribute to the people that had an impact in her life. I was honored and truly blessed to have been included as one of her friends invited.

Karen sure does know how to throw a party. Every detail was just perfect. The weekend started with a reception on Friday night. All the invited guests could bring their family/friends/significant other to the reception for a meet and greet. Some of Karen's friends that owned businesses donated freebies...a fight ensued amongst the women over this Bra Clip thingy that, when you clipped it to your straps in the back, not only turned the bra into a t-strap but also gave you a significant "boost" in the upward direction. The fight was on and for a minute I thought someone might lose a piece of weave.

I was given the duty of making pitchers of my special "Kool-aid" - aka - HOOTCH. This is the menu of what I served up:

  • Hyp.tno-Ritas
  • Ali.ze Cozmo's
  • P.am.a Margarita's
  • Apple Martini's

I had to make 2 package good store runs. Make no mistake...TravelDiva can not only mix em up, she'll put em away with ya. Remember...I'm a Professional Drinker.

There was a candy bar (that was fun) and the food was great, except those turkey meatballs. I don't care what nobody says...I don't care that its "healthy"...there are just some things that simply are not meant to be made "healthy". Those turkey balls were, umm, yucky. Tasted like a cross between cardboard & tofu with sauce. Mmmmm, I'll pass. Sorry girl. The caterer tried, really he did, but on those suckers, he failed miserably. I was not the only one who thought so - as was evidenced by the swine orders the next morning at breakfast. LOL.

There had to be about 20+ people staying in Karen's house that weekend, mostly family. In Karen's master suite alone, there were 7 women. It looked like a homeless camp in there with luggage, blankets, air mattresses everywhere. It was one of the best slumber parties that I have ever been to. Saturday morning arrives and Karen has all of us up at the crack of dawn barking orders about getting ready to go to Spin. Da Hell. There was a lot of grumbling, but we all got up, put on our gear (why did I even bring my workout stuff?), and headed to the gym. Four of us did the spin class, the rest piddled around in the gym watching us and laughing...I just couldn't imagine why.

Karen, Nicole, Erin and I mount up on our bikes and the instructor takes us through a workout of hills & sprints. Byatch. At the 45 min mark, I simply stop spinning and start wiping off the sweat I'm drenched in.

Karen: What are you doing?
Me: We're done, right? It's time for breakfast.
Karen: You got 15 more min, get back to peddling.
Me: I hate you.
Nicole: Keep going Lisa, when we are done we will get some bacon.
Me: *peddling again, picking up speed* OH YEAH! Coffee, Coffee, Coffee
Nicole: Pancakes
Karen: Waffles & turkey bacon
Me: AND Swine!

After the class, we all headed over to a really nice restaurant (I forgot the name...J something) and the southern hospitality and food (including my order of real bacon) was fantastic. We made a stop at the Wor.ld of Liq.our to replenish and headed back to Karen's. One of Karen's sisters-in-law was making homemade sushi (restaurant quality) & spring rolls. Babs called to say she was 20 minutes away - AW HELL - I got about 30 minutes of beauty to do. I managed to pull it together, make a pitcher of apple martini's (damn I'm good) and entertain my "axe murder" friend (see How Babs Got Krunched). After our visit, it was time to get dressed for the Main Event...The Celebration of You Dinner Party.

You couldn't help but feel special, loved & appreciated at the party. It started with your arrival, where you entered the club house by walking down the red carpet where a photographer was there taking your picture. To find your seat you had to look for the beautiful picture frame with your picture. Each place setting had a necklace, bracelet or other bling (even for the men) holding your napkin. Karen made a presentation about why she had invited us all there and what we meant to her. She made a special presentation to every member of her family in attendance (she is the baby of 10 brothers & sisters). Not a dry eye in the house. Everybody was given a gift at the end...but the party was not over. After all the crying & hugging was done, we went back to Karen's for the AFTER PARTY. We were partying so hard that we apparently blew a transformer that knocked the electricity out throughout the neighborhood. Did that stop us? NO! We partied till after 3am (at least I did...and then my forehead almost hit the bar -that would have left a mark)

I had such a wonderful time. It was so moving to see how many people and from how far everyone came to attend this event. I laughed so hard that I need a kidney transplant. I cried, but they were tears of joy and wonderment.

When You've Been Blessed, It Feels Like Heaven.

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  1. Wow! That is so lovely!!! I actually had an idea like this, but...I cant find that vulnerability yet...but thanks for sharing. Great ideas, just in case I ever decide to WOMAN UP!! :)