The first major event of my son's senior year was Saturday. River Hill Homecoming! Jordan and two of his friends, Tyler & Kevin came over with their dates to take pictures, go to dinner and then to the dance. CUTE. After the dance, Jordan had a little "get-together" at the house in the basement. About 15 teenagers decended on our house. He had 3 Tv's hooked up with a Wii, Xbox360 and DVD player going. These kids killed every soda, a whole plate of brownies, two giant pizza's from Costco's, a platter of sandwich rolls, all of my energy drinks, a super size bag of chips and God knows what else.

What was really impressive was all the boys how stayed over, got up in the morning, pulled out the shop vac and cleaned the basement and took out the trash. Perhaps it was to cover any evidence of foul play. Who will know. I was happy with a clean basement.

And so Senior Year kicks-off.


  1. All the kids look wonderful! Glad they appreciated things enough to clean up their own mess too! Makes it even nicer!

  2. Anonymous9:42 AM

    This is so cute! Your son is the sharpest one in the picture girl. LOL