Random & Restless Thoughts

  • WTF!!!! What makes you think that I'm going to pay you/your company to do some ish that I could do myself with my eyes closed. One month of my mortgage to negotiate on my behalf with a bank to refinance and/or restructure my mortgage. CRACKHEAD. I can negotiate with the bank my damned self for free - especially if they want me to pay the damn mortgage. Hell. Pay a fee up front to help me find a job. CRACKHEAD. How bout I pay for performance. You get me an offer that is acceptable to me and I'll reward your stoopit azz for that performance and not a moment before.Pay you to fill out some government contracting forms? DA HALL. My pen and computer works just like yours.

  • Needless Markup just thinks they da ish. They only accept their store credit card, Am.ex, or cash. My Vi.sa debit card isn't good enough unless I use it to get cash out of the ATM. Keep your ish then. Now that is elitist.

  • Customer Service ain't ish these days

  • I'm so sick & damn tired of seeing people in ill fitting clothes, especially undergarments. If you have 6 boobs instead of 2, your bra is too effin small. If your drawers only cover the crack of your azz, are not thongs, and you have 3 butts instead of 1 - your drawers are too small and your pants are too tight. LOOK IN THE FREAKIN MIRROR before you go out. DAMN.

  • I worry that my crackberry trackball will fly off cause I'm always scrolling.

  • Yesterday was my best Bikram Yoga practice ever! Go me.

  • I think my sister sees an ATM machine when she looks at me.

  • I may not be able to speak Spanish well, but I do understand most of what your are saying. So, when you are here landscaping or delivering my mother's new fridge, I know what you are saying about me. Thank you for the admiration, but it is NOT gonna happen. Yes, I know my boobs are big. Yes, I live here. No, I'm not the servant. Geeze.

  • I refuse to argue with my friends anymore about the election. I'm tired of this shit. NO, I am not voting for Obama just cause he is black. DAMMIT - are you voting for McCain just cause he is white? NO, I am not pinning my "hopes" on any one man. NO, I am not going to stoop to name calling & character assassinations to make my point. (...well, one last dig...It just amuses the heck out of me that people watch Palin make an azz outta herself over and over all by her lonesome and then justify it by saying the media is mean & sexist - NO - she is just plain intellectually challenged BUT she can see Russia from her house). All you have to do is watch, listen, and see the candidates eff up and contradict themselves on a regular. You need to make your decision for yourself - the less of two evils as I see it. You don't need help from me. I simply am not going to get into it with anybody anymore. You wanna rant and rave to make a point, fine. You gonna be doing it by yourself. I'm not the one.

  • I love the fact that I'm a foot shorter than my husband. cause when he hugs me, I'm engulfed in his arms; surrounded by the warmth and smell of him. I instantly feel safe & loved. I try to get me in 2-3 hugs a day.

  • I knows de is a Gawd, cause after 25 years of sans ropas with the same man, he still makes me yearn for more. Yes, Lawd...exhaling. And on top of that, I love the way he looks at me when he thinks I don't know. Gives me goosebumps. I thank God that I feel this way still.

  • Cara is slicker than snot. If it gets quiet, look for the scissors.

  • You definitely can't live off of unemployment, but I'm still gonna get my benefits while I can. I wish my sister would apply for the benefits I've (we all have) been paying into so she could stop living hand to mouth in that hovel of a motel she is staying in.

Gotta go, time to watch my programs...


  1. Well done...a rant that even Foamy would be proud of! Yes, I get apoplectic when I hear Repugnicans (spelling intentional) try spinning her into the greatest Amercian patriot since George Washington.

  2. Dang tell them why you mad son!!! But seriously I feel you on a lot of those. Q