Full Moon to Full Moon 30 day Challenge

Are you up for a challenge? Are you ready to transform you spirit as well as your body? Well, join me for the Full Moon to Full Moon 30 Day Challenge at Bikram Yoga Columbia. Starting on October 14th, I will be participating in the 30 days of Bikram Yoga Challenge. You have to have 30 days to do 30 sessions...and I'm going to do it.

As YogaKat says...30 days will change your spirit, change your body, change your life...and get your prepared for holiday feasting. I'm gonna take her word for it.

I'll keep you posted on my progress, my thoughts, triumphs & challenges during this adventure and let you know any changes/outcomes as a result.

I hope to see you there. Don't just sit there...do something. What are you gonna do to transform your body & your mind?


  1. Wow an hour a day for 30 days??? That's A LOT! Good luck!

  2. GIT IT GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!