Ron's 25th High School Reunion

This past Saturday, I went with Ron to his 25th High School Reunion held at St. John College High School; a private, military, Christian Brothers high school. Back in Ron's day, it was an all boy private school. So, 99% of the women in attendance were wives. Now it is co-ed and the military portion is optional. Times have changed.

I agonized all day about what to wear and settled on a St. John Denim Skirt Suit with a pair of matching denim Guess shoes with 3 in heels. (Ron said they made my legs look great, so they were a must - uh, huh - but whose gotta stand there lookin' cute for hours). I ended up the royal photographer and followed Ron around while he caught up with his classmates.

I did get bored during several conversations and ended up finding a seat (remember 3in heels). These guys started spraying testosterone around the room in the midst of "catching up" and I just found it amusing. What was very striking to me was that almost all of Ron's white classmates owned their own company, were consultants, or were some kind of financial guru/venture capitalist/hedge fund manager AND almost all of Ron's black classmates worked for somebody/some corporation (only 2 of the approx. 10 in attendance were self-employed - Ron & Chip). We still got a long way to go...but YES WE CAN!

I will admit that I find watching Ron "talk business" is pretty damn sexy to me. He's just so....um, so...HOT... when he's got his Alpha Male "A" Game on, I just have to fan myself. My RonnieBear just ROCKS! He introduced me to all of his classmates as "his better half" & "isn't she a beauty", making standing in my HotNESS shoes worth it.

Next up, my 25th High School Reunion from Oakland Mills High on November 1st. Should be a hoot.