How Babs Got Krunched

Babs is my kinda gal...

Anybody who can drink a pitcher of apple martini's at 1 in the afternoon and not miss a beat is my kinda people. No, we are not alcoholics, we are Professional Drinkers. As a side note: Alcoholics act a fool and lose control; Professional Drinkers can put 'em away and never let you see us sweat. Babs and I...PROFESSIONAL.

I was in Atlanta for the weekend to attend a weekend soiree my girlfriend Karen was throwing to honor her friends and family (I'll talk about the AWESOME party later). I knew that if I showed up in HotLanta, blogged about it and didn't say a word to Usual Suspect Atlanta member Babs...I was gonna be in HotTrouble. I facebook stalked Babs and dropped her a line and we made plans.

Babs came over Karen's about 1pm and I greeted her with a glass of Apple Martini's and fixed her a plate of home made egg rolls and sushi. We were getting our eat on at Karen's. Her family can THROW DROWN. We hung out, chit-chatted and tried to explain to some of Karen's other guests how we knew each other. Everyone was amazed that this was the first time we had ever really met and yet knew so much about each other. Ron still says I hang out with stalkers and axe murders. When I told some of the other guests that Babs was my InnerNet Axe Murderer friend, they roared but one lady told me later (in jest) that she really wanted to look in Babs purse to see if she had an axe or Ginsu knife. Stop the madness.

In the midst of all the excitement, Krunch, Karen's nephew & DJ extraordinaire, (yeah, that is his family nickname - cause when he was little, he ate so much that they said he was always crunching on something) came out to get the video slide show DVD I put together for the party and was immediately distracted by the presence of Babs. He was in love. In a matter of seconds, Babs had him pouring her another martini, explaining his name & why, in God's name, did he have 3 cell phones. Krunch then began to admire Babs' pedicure and giving her a foot massage. Babs has got it going on! THE HOTNESS.
He tried his damnedest to get Babs' number, but he opted to give her his card...for DJ'ing purposes only, Babs explained. Recently, Babs had put up a picture of a pimp-mobile that is in her neighborhood and I told Babs that she just HAD to see Krunch's ride. Krunch also does "car improvements"...aka..."pimp my ride" kinda stuff. So, as Babs was leaving to meet her friends for lunch, I took her to see "the ride."

As we "admired" his car, Babs noticed that M.O.B was stenciled on each of the rims.

Babs: So, Krunch, what does MOB stand for?
Krunch: *looking at us like we should know*...Money Over B&tches

It was the way he said it, all like easygoing and ish - as if - what else would it mean, that had Babs and I doubled over in the driveway roaring. I think I burst a blood vessel laughing so hard. I watched Babs gingerly make her way down the steep driveway...and so didn't Krunch...he was admiring her backside (Watch me as I walk away). His last words...Niiiiiiiiiiiice.

At the celebration that evening, Krunch badgered me to give him Babs' number so he could invite her to the after party at Karens. Ummmm....not so fast cowboy...I don't give out my girls number without permission. After nagging me on an off for 2 hours, I told him I would text her with his proposal. Let's just say we did not see Babs again that evening (she did miss a great party though).

I don't know about anybody else out here in blog land, but Imma have to tell ya that the women bloggers & usual suspects that I have met in real life are just as fabulous and wonderful as they are in cyberspace. Thus far, it has been an absolute pleasure.


  1. Yay Lisa and Babsie finally meet! MOB huh? Wow what are the 3 phones for?

  2. Now that sounds like FUN!

    Money Over Bytches. It's THAT simple.

  3. And yet it gets worse. She's SPRAWLED across the lap of some stranger dude getting a dang foot massage.


    Oh yeah...TD...glad you had a nice time.

  4. It's great you guys had a chance to meet. MOB?? Wow.

  5. Anonymous8:59 PM

    I still cannot get over those dang phones! And he explained like it made perfect sense.

    I am so happy we connected while you were in town! And I KNOW your party was off the chain. Can't wait to see pics!