Stepping Up Lisa's "A" Game

Ever since I got laid off, I think I've let my "A" game slip a little. Ron told me to relax and take some time to just enjoy myself and stop working so hard. Well, I didn't take that advice...I didn't listen...and started doing some projects around the house...
  • Put up gutter covers on the sunroom
  • Washed & cleaned the sunroom windows - Yes, all by myself
  • Cleaned out the garage
  • Put up shelving and peg board in the garage & bought shades for the garage windows (which are still sitting in the garage)
  • Organized clothing, shoes and put all the old/too small stuff into 6 bags to go to the "Mission Trip" sale at my mothers church
  • Cleaned out my office (but the boxes are still sitting outside of my office)
  • Built a website for our company
  • Designed business cards & stationary
  • Visited my bestest friends who don't live near me (NY, KY, ATL this weekend)
  • Went to two conferences & interviewed a dozen times
  • Started doing my own housework (MY GAWD - now I know why I should pay someone to do it)
  • 4 Loads of Laundry a day (HOW IN GOD'S NAME DO WE HAVE THIS MUCH LAUNDRY)
  • Cooking, like for real meals (My family still looks at me like I got some kinda fever)

...but then I started to slack off. I've been sleeping in later & later. I got sick and stopped exercising. I started watching WAAAAAY too much TV during the day and the day would just get away from me. Yesterday, it took my over an hour to get myself together to go to a job fair and when I got there, I WAS FREAKIN PISSED. They advertised that over 30 companies would be there and when I walked into the room there were only 7 - none of which I had any interest in working for - and they were only offering entry level positions. Ummm. Not so much. I left. I was angry, I was upset and for some reason, I started feeling sorry for myself...like all of a sudden, because I was laid off, I had become a loser. When did that happen? When did my job all of a sudden start defining who I was? When did I stop playing my "A" game? I got home and texted my friend Sissy and she managed to talk me off the ledge...more like snapped my head back with a "are you stupid or somethin' response". Just what I needed.

Well, right there and then I decided that I can play my "A" game whether it is on the fields of friendly strife (at work) or at my humble abode. I will get up outta the damn bed and get my family started on their day. I will take and finish the 30 day Yoga challenge to strengthen my mind and my body. I will make it my mission in life to help Jordan get a scholarship and get accepted to college - if that means that I have to fill out the applications for him (I WILL NOT write the essays, but I will fill in the rest of the blanks). I will ease off my merciless attacks on the cleanliness of his room and help him myself, if he can continue with his borderline genius status this year with grades, work, and play lacrosse. I can do that. I will still post for jobs and then walk away, putting it in God's hands. I will handle the tedious details of our lives & our home with flair that only a TravelDiva can, making what Ron does every day a piece of cake & stress free.

The TravelDiva has got her "A" Game back. Watch out and watch me roar.


  1. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Hello -

    Long time lurker first time commenting....

    I was recently laid off from my job of almost 15 years. It's been 3 weeks and I feel like my A game has slipped as well. Thanks for the post! I need to get up and get moving.

  2. Many women, of certain age, have defined themselves by their careers. When layoffs occur oftentimes its almost debilitating and a grieving process is appropriate. I'm glad you're getting your "A" game back. You know that I feel your pain and have complete confidence in you.((HUGS))

  3. Oh, honey! On your WORST day you're still more "A" then most. I love you!

  4. Your A game is not gone, it's been in remission.

    You are a powerhouse and I know that once you are back on track you will tackle any and all challenges facing you.