College Dorm Shopping

I took my son out shopping yesterday for stuff/junk for his college dorm room. Still not sure how I'm feeling about all this yet. It will probably hit me when we throw him out - I mean drop him off - near the end of this month.

We made a list, added some recommendations off the school webiste and started checking stuff off slowly yet surley. Between Bed, Bath & Beyond (and all the coupons I had saved up) and that "of the debil" store Wal.Mar.t, we did a little under 5 c-notes of damage. DAMIT.

We are pretty much done except for a winter coat, new sneaks, some clothing items and some much desired Tims. HUMPH! This boy need to get a damn JOB!

The Prince saw this stupid lava lamp and announced that his dorm room was now complete - shopping was over. Yeah, right. Yes, we got to stupid lamp. I'm such a push over.

Just some of the damage. Some.