Weekend Review & Randoms

Went to see GI Joe on Friday. It was campy, corny, one of the villains was especially over the top but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Just about any movie that has great weapons, lots of action, things/people moving at lightning speed in vehicles or spaceships & things blowing up...Imma like.

I go to movies for pure entertainment value. All those in depth analysis, continuity issues and plot breakdowns...whatever...I really don't pay much attention to reviews cause I like what I like.

I now have on my Christmas list an armored H2, a pulse rifle, a laser gun, a supersonic jet that fires weapons with my very thought & (even though she was a baaaad giiirlll) I need Anna's black cat suit & jacket. HOT!

The Champs at Columbia Mall (right next to the most popular movie theater in town) is a worthless piece of customer service. A Friday night and they don't think it is necessary to have enough people on duty to provide adequate, timely service. The ladies only ordered appetizers, but our guys ordered a meal. We got our apps pretty quickly but it took them 50 min to bring the buys some friggin tacos & a veggie burger. GUESS WHAT. Never again. Champs...YOU SUCK.

Saturday, The FireMarshall and I drove up to NJ to attend my WP Classmates' daughters graduation party. Ila knows how to throw a party. The food was OFF THE CHAIN. We thought we were gonna 'splode. It was so great to see Stephanie & her husband...who are moving to DC next month. YEAH!!!!! N. E. Way...we partied ate like rock stars for about 4 hours and rolled out back to Maryland.

That whole trip hurt a little bit...but for Ila...anything.

Did you know that it is easier to adopt a child - A HUMAN BEING - than it is to adopt a MF'n ANIMAL from the fuggin animal shelter. The Animal Shelter in Howard County must really WANT to put the animals to sleep because they sure don't want anybody to adopt one.

Interview, Background Check, everyone in household must visit, vet fees, cavity search....


I'm in the WalMart and the pet nazi called to say that they couldn't find my house on the state tax assessment rolls. ARE YOU FUGGIN SERIOUS. You looked my info up. FOR A FUGGIN CAT!!!!! I told the woman to take the kitten and shove it.

The Prince managed to find a kitten for his girlfriend from a breeder for a whoppin $5.

So, which kitty is sucking wind right now.

Today, The FireMarshall and I went down to the Naval Academy in Annapolis to visit with one of our sponsor midshipman's parents. They were just lovely people. These are parents that are VERY proud of their son and wanted to make sure the people they were entrusting their son's free time to were not weirdo's. We passed inspection. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting them.

After lunch FM & I walked up and down Main Street in Annapolis stopping to have an ice cream from Ben & Jerry's. Then we strolled through the Naval Academy grounds, realizing that we have never actually seen the entire grounds. I had to give them their props. The campus is beautiful.

...but it was hot as a cow on fire today.

My sister called and asked when I was starting work. I asked her why and she wanted to see if I could take her to her court appearance. Her audacity never ceases to amaze me. You want ME to take you to your court appearance for something that you tried to pin on ME!


My mother refuses to use the ship computer to send me emails from her Alaskan Cruise as they want 75 cents/min plus an set up fee. I don't blame her.

She can't figure out her phone to send pics and short emails. Why does she have all this technology when she refuses to use it. Sigh.

It was a wonderful & busy weekend. How was yours?