Move In Day @ Indiana Tech

We got Prince Jordan all moved in today at Indiana Tech. His dorm suite is pretty big and looks great. We only had to make one trip to Wa.l.Mart to get some last minute stuff; however, I do have to go home and mail him some stuff that he forgot.

I took longer to pack the stuff up then to unpack and get it all set up. I was "allowed" to set up all of the Prince's computer equipment, install the LoJack for Laptops (highly recommend) and set up his registration to access his MyIndianaTech web portal. I got everything dress, right, dress and he asks "So, when ya leavin." HUMPH.

Jordan and his roommate Tony seem to get along great. Tony's mother & grandfather were there and they were wonderful people. Ya know GMa Willie was calling trying to find out if there was some roommate drama and I had nothing to report. She told me she would confirm my report with Jordan herself. Why did I know that already. I'm surprised she didn't sell her house and move to Indiana. Let me not speak too soon.

I thought I was going to be all choked up and whatnot. Not one tear. I was more anxious than weepy. I was okay (just kept checking and double checking stuff)...even as he ushered me out the door with an "I love you, Mom. I'll be fine." At least he didn't use those famous last words "I got this (Erin, 2001)". If you hear that, start calling for a tutor cause they definitely DON'T got it.

So my son, future heir to the empire, is off and on his own. Sigh.

Where is my flask?