Live Blogging: College Road Trip Randoms

Well, after a whirlwind tour of a conference in ATL, I landed back at BWI around 1pm today and after taking an exam for work and repacking my bags I was ready for the estimated time of departure to take Prince Jordan to COLLEGE!!!

The FireMarshall, on the other hand, was not.

We pulled out at 4:30pm for our 10 hour journey to Indiana Tech. We are going to stop at a friend of ours from West Point days overnight in Indianapolis, but yeah...10 hours playa's.

I've got my wireless card, power cord and thus can live blog from the car. Stay tuned for random thoughts of our journey.

BTW - I think the van is poorly packed. We could have gotten another family member in on this journey, but The FireMarshall felt that the way he packed the van was for maximum safety. And I quote..."Just in case I had to slam on the breaks and the refrigerator went flying, you wouldn't want to get his with college stuff shrapnel?"

I hate him.

The sunset is beautiful and we are looking for someplace to grab a bite to eat & stretch our legs.

We stopped at some super truck stop that had a Qwizno's, BoogerKing, a Starbux & a shoppette thingy. The FireMarshall and Jordan post up with a quickness at the Qwiz and order the largest sandwich they can, snatching a bag of chips with it. I get a cup of soup & a water. Do you know how hard it is to try to have a halfway decent, healthy meal at a truck stop. Near damn IMPOSSIBLE. FM says he wants some driving snacks for later...Hostess cupcakes, Raisinettes, a bag of honey roasted peanuts...BAZTARD. He is still tall and narrow and doesn't workout not one friggin minute.

Hate & Rage.

And that skinny punk had the audacity to eat a few of his chips and throw them in the trash cause they tasted "too healthy". In his haste to eat, he grabbed a bag of baked chips. "Where's the fat; those tasted like bark."

Hate & Rage

A package of SuziQ's was calling my name, but after looking at the label at the 500 calories & 49g of sugar...I passed. I did find some apple slices and carrot sticks, but paid almost 3x what that SuziQ would have cost me.

Next time...I pack snacks.

Tried to take a nap. I simply could not get comfortable. Jordan watched a bunch of Family Guy episodes. SMH.

A two lane stretch of highway went down to one lane with about a gazzillion tractor trailor rigs and one conversion van trying to merge. Can you say stand still. We will NEVER get there.

Carrot snack time. Comedy channel on XM Radio. George Wallace just cracked a joke: "Aint nuttin open after midnight 'cept hospitals and legs" I almost peed. I'm gonna add that to my "mother indignation" sayings...next time Charlee wants to stay out past 12am for some party Imma say "What you need to stay out past 12 for? Ain't nuttin open past 12 'cept hospitals and legs and if you ain't in the hospital...."

She will hate me for sure....Good.

George Lopez..."Kids today wouldn't survive our childhood. Allowance? What's that? Mom would say I allow you to live, so get out of my face before I kill you."

The FireMarshall almost swerved off the damn road. That routine was so damn true, we thought we were gonna just die. I....need...a...new...kidney. Two.

Stopped for gas and what did we see down the road. A WHITE CASTLE. Jordan went crazy and insisted we get a bag of burgers. I'm now praying that I don't have a GI disturbance.

I passed out in the car with the computer in my lap at around 3am. Woke up to The FireMarshall singing gospel (MaryMary) at the top of his lungs....just in time for me to see a deer come out of nowhere and head straight for the side of the van like it was going to ram us or something. The FireMarshall being ever diligent, managed to honk the horn and slow down causing said deer to veer away from van.

We then had to drive about 10 miles per hour as said deer just kept running down the side of the road trying to decide where to run into the corn field. Deer would run back into our lane in front of van then back to corn over and over. Finally the cornfield came to and end and the deer ran off into the woods. Whew.

We arrived at Ronnie & Chrissy's house around 4am. We all went into an immediate coma.

Woke up to the smell of coffee and breakfast. I can't find anybody, but there is a breakfast buffet here in the kitchen (that is friggin SPOTLESS) and we are digging in.

We have arrived in Indiana. Move in day tomorrow.